January 28, 2020
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Denison Men’s Lacrosse defeats Lynchburg in Elite 8

BRANDON MORGAN: The journey continues for the Big Red men’s lacrosse team as they will head to the Final Four after an 18-9 win over Lynchburg. We caught up with Josh Happ, Alex Paulus, and head coach Mike Caravana. MIKE CARAVANA: Well, you know, to make the Final Four, is a special thing. You know, we felt like we had a really strong team this year and Lynchburg’s a fine team, we’re fortunate enough to be able to win and we’re just happy as we could be to be moving on. ALEX PAULUS: It’s great, I mean this is only the third time that we’ve ever gone as a program to the Final Four. Now my senior class has been to the Elite Eight three times now, and it’s great to finally get past that step. MIKE CARAVANA: We think we have some very, very good defenders. We had some timely saves by Stephen Paris also as well, I thought. JOSH HAPP: 100% got to play as a unit. Talking, communication has been our thing all year, and us six out there are like brothers on the field so we definitely we got the chemistry and we knew today that we’re going to need it where it counted. MIKE CARAVANA: Arguably to win face-offs both with Henry leading the way as well as the wing play was crucial because we have the ball and the other team doesn’t. JOSH HAPP: We’ve got one of the best face-off guys in the country, so it’s definitely my job on the wing to do everything I can to help him out those other 50% that he’s not going to get. MIKE CARAVANA: We could generate shots, we were fortunate enough to put them in I think and I think, you know, Alex Paulus getting us going early in the game was kind of important, you know, a nice shot in the arm. ALEX PAULUS: We always talk about being the next guy up, it just happened to be me stepping up this time. Glad I can do what I can for the team MIKE CARAVANA: I talked about being relentless in our approach and our competitiveness throughout the game, we’re going to need it for 60 minutes, I thought we did that most of the time. The consistency of our focus in our effort I thought was outstanding and that was the Final Four caliber that you need. JOSH HAPP: We’re going to take it like another game. We’re going to come out and we’re going to play our game, play hard for sure. MIKE CARAVANA: We’ll enjoy the moment here for a couple days without any question. ALEX PAULUS: Every new round is, you know, a tougher opponent. We’re gonna get everyone’s best shot. Now It’s gonna be a lot of ice baths, a lot of hard prep and we’re going to try to be ready for whoever we have next round. BRANDON MORGAN: The Final Four match up will take place this Sunday. Head over to DenisonBigRed.com for location and time. From Granville, Ohio, Brandon Morgan, DSN.

David Frank