April 4, 2020
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Denison Men’s Lacrosse tops Illinois Wesleyan, 25-11

BRANDON MORGAN: Denison men’s Lacrosse moves on in the NCAA tournament after a dominating 25-11 win over Illinois Wesleyan. We caught up with Ben Duhoski, Spencer Butler and Head Coach Mike Caravana. SPENCER BUTLER: We’ve been working hard for these games all season. It’s win, or go home we’re just fighting for more days at the team and giving everything we got in practice and hoping it Shows on the field which it did today, which is good. MIKE CARAVANAL When we challenged them this week they responded to the challenge. I wasn’t surprised we came out played so well. I was happy, so you know for us to get off to that great start which was very important for us things kind of set the tone which was good. Hopefully we can continue to do that BEN DUHOSKI: We always kind of come out fired up. We had a great week of practice We came out to try to avenge that sloppy performance in the first round We just kind of came out flying around. It was great. SPENCER BUTLER: Coach really emphasized bringing the juice last game We really didn’t, and today We really emphasize bringing the juice And I think we did that right from the beginning. MIKE CARAVANA: We came out with a high amount of intensity and it was important for us, I think and they gave us the The confidence and the lead that we wanted to have as we went forward with the team that scores On you very quickly. BEN DUHOSKI: One thing we harp on is be physical they have a lot of shooters to get out there and bump them off their line Get a good jam. Make sure they’re not just free free-flowing and shooting it. MIKE CARAVANA: I think our defense did a fine job. Our ability to control the ball Helped us both on the face offs on the ground ball I thought our ability to win the ground ball this big difference throughout the day. BEN DUHOSKI: so we relied on our offense And they gave us 25 goals MIKE CARAVANA: I think our skill level on offense certainly was helpful in this we knew we could score on them We didn’t think we’d score 25 But at the same time we shot the ball pretty well. Spencer’s shooting was terrific. SPENCER BUTLER: my teammates… I’m sure like nine of those eleven goals are assisted. I was just standing still shooting, so all the credit goes to my teammates MIKE CARAVANA: We’re gonna have to play even a better game than we played tonight for us to to move on to the into the semifinals, but we’re very happy being in the Elite Eight again I think it’s the fifth time in the last eight years which is pretty special And I think we’re clearly one of the top teams in the country BEN DUHOSKI: We saw how important it was to prepare well, bring the juice. Whatever team we get we’re going to be ready. BRANDON MORGAN: The Big Red head to the Elite Eight as they will square off against Lynchburg this Wednesday. Head over to Denisonbigred.com For start time and location. From Granville, Ohio, Brandon Morgan, DSN.

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