January 25, 2020
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Denison Men’s Lacrosse Wrap-Up vs. Salisbury (NCAA Final Four)

BRANDON MORGAN: Denison men’s lacrosse season is over as they fall in the Final Four to Salisbury, 12-11. We caught up with the Will Donahue,
Liam Rooney and head coach Mike Caravana. MIKE CARAVANA: It was a wonderful game certainly, we showed a lot of heart and a lot of determination which I think that we’ve had through the season. Well, we’re certainly disappointed that we lost. We didn’t come here to play a close game, we came here to win. We thought we were clearly one of the better teams in the country throughout the season. WILL DONOHUE: I mean, I just think we never really counted ourselves out the whole game. Like coach said, we’ve had a number of games where we’ve come out, we’ve been down 4 goals, we’d be down 6 goals, so we’re kind of used to being down at one point or another in the game, so I just never really gave up. LIAM ROONEY: We both had a really good career here, two Elite Eights, one Final Four, which hasn’t happened in the past, I think 16 years or so. But I think it’s more about just like the friendships that we made with the team MIKE CARAVANA: You know, Liam is clearly one of the best players ever to play here, and we’ll miss his play on the field, But also the way he goes about practicing and doing things. Will’s clearly one of the better goal scorers we’ve had here without a question. It’s invaluable to a program to not only have players that play that well, but have players that have an effect on the players below them. That’s the key thing and that’s what makes it special to play here and that’s what these guys have done. That’s really what’s the most important, I think it’s not how good of a player you are, but how you affect others in the long run and these guys are two of the best we’ve ever had. LIAM ROONEY: They’re going to be right back here. Just like Blair Farinholt said last year. He said we’re going to be, I’m not going to be surprised if this team’s back here next year and we were. I think the same thing for next year. MIKE CARAVANA: These are very, very challenging moments I think for all of them. But at the same time, you know, The ability to be able to think back to the experiences you had at the highest level, which our team is. We are clearly one of the better teams in the country, and I don’t want these guys to forget that.

David Frank