April 5, 2020
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  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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Emily Mathewson: Lacrosse Attacker and Community Volunteer

It’s a buy-in and every single girl on this team wants to be here and you want to play for each other, like you can only
push yourself so far for yourself, but when you look next to you and the girl
next to you is going just as hard, you’ll give a little bit more just for
her. It is an aggressive sport, but we’re a tough team. I’ll have practice
from one to five, and then I’ve got lab from six to ten. I’m taking
off my lax goggles and putting on my lab goggles. It’s a long season. People
would come in and be like I had a bad test or I’m gonna have a really hard lift. And
I was like we needed a change of perspective. We are so excited to meet you! Shall we
go? Our team’s really embraced her. So she right now is receiving chemo, so
we go hang out with her and if she’s sleeping, just hanging out with her
siblings and her mom. They need support. She’s a rock. She is the strongest girl
I’ve ever met. I got to go to her birthday party a couple weeks ago. It was
really special. We have a locker for her, we have a name tag
for her. It gives us a different perspective on life. We all push ourselves to the max,
and just seeing her locker and her name kind of lets us take a step back and
realize we’re good. We have this awesome teammate that we need to give our all

David Frank