March 29, 2020
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Epoch Dragonfly Gen 6 Lacrosse Shafts // On-Field Review

Hey guys, I’m Wheeler with Total Lacrosse,
we’re here with Adam. And today we’re going to check out the new Gen 6 Epoch Dragonfly
Shafts. I’ve always been a big fan of the Epoch Dragonfly
Shafts, with the new Gen 6 you get a lot of the same texture that you had in the Gen 5
but they’re much lighter. The stick that I have is the F30 this one
is designed for Face-Off players it’s got sort of a tear drop shape up at the top so
on your top hand you’re going to get that extra torque with your grip. What Adam has over there is going to be the
C30, it’s more traditional octagonal shape. So something that’s going to be new on the
Gen 6 is the Torque Box Technology. So the torque box technology is just a new way that
they layer the carbon that’s going to keep the integrity of the shaft and it’s going
to maintain it’s shape, so you’re going to get increased power and increased snap on
your shots. Hope you like the new Gen 6 Epoch Dragonfly
shafts, you can find these in any of our stores or online at
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