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Famous Wimbledon Tennis Tantrums

>>KERRY: This week, in honor of tennis player
Viktor Troicki’s unforgettable breakdown at this year’s Wimbledon, I would like to devote
this episode to a few of my favorite, including this one, special Wimbledon eruptions. [THUNDER] I mean, if you’re ever having a bad day, or
just kinda need a laugh – sit down and google “Tennis Tantrums” – I dare you to try and
refrain yourself from roaring laughing. So, without further ado, let’s begin the ROFLing [LAUGHING]>>JOHN MCENROE: ANSWER MY QUESTION! THE QUESTION, JERK!>>SERENA WILLIAMS: I didn’t say I would kill
you, are you serious?>>COMMENTATOR: It’s his racket that has hit
this gentleman here, oh it’s all over. We’ve got a champion here and now some serious
trouble>>JIMMY CONNORS: YOU’RE A BUM! I’m out here playing my butt off at 39 years
old and you’re doing that? Very clear, my butt! My butt, very clear! You can’t see that ball right in front of
you, let alone over there!>>ANDY RODDICK: Do your job! Can you hear? Do you have ears? I’ve been hearing it for three sets, do you
have ears? Connected to your head? Use them. You can use them if you want>>KERRY: At the tail end of a grueling five
set battle at Wimbledon, Viktor Troicki did not take an umpires overruling very well. Albert Ramos-Vinolas was serving for the match
at 5-3 when the umpire overruled an out call that had been made on his serve, and awarded
Ramos-Vinolas the point. HawkEye has not spread to all of Wimbledon’s
courts just yet, and Because this match was not taking place on one of the bigger courts,
Troicki unfortunately did not have the safety net of being able to challenge the call and
have this technology do the dirty work but rather he was at the mercy of a mere humans
eyes. So we can thank the absence of hawk eye, for
this memorable moment>>TROICKI: LOOK AT IT!!! COME ON PLEASE LOOK AT IT!!! ONCE! ONCE!!! LOOK AT IT WORST UMPIRE IN THE WORLD!>>JUDGE: Sorry you are an idiot, sorry about
that.>>TROICKI: [unintelligible]>>JUDGE: I did not see it that way>>TROICKI: BUT YOU DIDN’T SEE ANYTHING TODAY>>KERRY: Troicki lost the match and also
was fined 10 thousand dollars for un-sportsman like conduct. I mean, I thought I saw some good fireworks
on the 4th of July but this definitely took the cake. Thanks for the entertainment buddy. While we’re at it, let’s take a look at a
couple more fits of fury that have taken place on these grassy courts in SW19 I mean, as good as this last tantrum was I’m
not sure anything can beat John McEnroe’s famous meltdown at Wimbledon in 1981. I swear I’ve probably watched this video over
a hundred times and it just never gets old>>JOHN MCENROE: YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS! THAT BALL WAS ON THE LINE! CHALK FLEW UP! IT WAS CLEARLY IN!>>KERRY: good old Johnny Mac. Now let’s move a bit forward, to Wimbledon
1995 and Jeff Tarango’s famous dramatics. The trigger moment here came after a linesman
called a fault on Tarango’s serve only for the chair umpire to overrule that decision,
calling it a let. Tarango, however, was having none of that
– and argued that he had actually just served an ace. Tarango was un-able to persuade the umpire
and clearly the crowd as well. The Wimbledon crowd began to heckle Tarango
a bit . . .and it was a slippery downhill slope from there.>>JEFF TARANGO: No, I’m not going to play
your way. You’re the most corrupt official in the game
and you can’t do that!>>JUDGE: Court violation, verbal abuse>>JEFF TARANGO: NO WAY, THAT’S IT!>>KERRY: Tarango ended up walking off the
court and defaulting the match. And then to follow this Tarango’s wife caught
up with this wonderful umpire and slapped him across the face. Way to stand by your man.. I think. Jeff Tarango never got beyond the third round
of a major tennis tournament, but he will forever hold a special place in the history
of this competition for all the wrong reasons. See you guys next week.>>PRODUCER: uhhh ok, that’s a wrap Kerry>>KERRY: Ok awesome, ugh this thing is stuck,

David Frank



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