April 4, 2020
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Fetch | Volleyball Passing Drill for All Skill Levels

Hey coaches, I have a really fun drill for
you today, it’s going to work on ball control, it’s called, “Fetch.” And it’s going to help your team understand
the concept of chasing the ball down and getting it back over the net after a bad first contact. Also, I made a really quick animation of this
drill, so if that’s all you want to watch, go ahead and just skip to the end. So how we’re going to setup this drill, we’re
going to have one coach with a ball cart on one side of the net, and two players who are
on a team together on the other side of the net. All of the other players are shagging around
the court, it’s their job to make sure that that entire side of the net stays clear of
balls. This is really important for safety, so we want to make
sure that any stray ball gets picked up and rolled to the other side where the coach is. The coach is going to initiate the drill by
tossing a ball ANYWHERE on the court. It’s the job of the two players to get two
contacts on the ball, sending the ball back over the net. Ideally, the coach is going to be challenging
each individual player at their own level, and having them run just to their edge. That means the coach may be sending the ball
really far back in the court or tossing it just barely over the net. The goal is to have our players moving like
crazy. We want them sweating at the end and out of
breath completely. The easiest way to run this drill is to run
it so that you have 10 balls they have to get back over the net. This is the easiest version of this drill
to run because all you have to do is count to 10. All of the players who are out shagging, it’s
their job to count. Another way to run this drill is to identify
someone to count to 10 total balls, and then have the team see how many out of 10 they
can send back over the net. Each player can keep track of their own points,
and you can run through the drill a few times because keeping it limited at 10 is going
to make it go a little more quickly. The way that I like to run this drill, is
to make it more aggressive. So I like to challenge my players to always
try to send a downball, or some sort of attack over the net. So what we can do is we
can give them one point for passing or setting the ball back over, and three points for attacking
the ball. This pushes your players to try to hit the
ball over, but still rewards them for just getting the ball over anyway. This will help them learn what is a good ball
to hit, and what is a good ball to pass. If you’re going to do this, I would recommend
having a whiteboard or a notebook to keep score. Assign this job to one of your players
and just have it running on the side while the whole drill is running through. Alright, so that’s Fetch! Let me know if you have another variation
that you do of this drill, I would love to hear about it, just write it down in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on the
notifications, that way you know when I post new videos. If you decide to use this drill at practice,
come back, leave me a comment, let me know how it went! I would love to hear it. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in my
next video.

David Frank