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FIRST VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT (1.23.16 – Day 1393) | Clintus.tv

– Good morning. It’s Saturday. It’s sports Saturday. We’re heading off to
Bryce’s basketball game. That’s the first order of business. But then, shortly after that, we make our trip to Gilbert, Arizona which is about an hour ten away for Sierra’s first volleyball tournament. Whoop whoop. We’re super excited. We’re rocking our Sniper shirts. SVA volleyball. Look at that. Isn’t that cool? Cool logo, right? Yeah. – I think that’s the coolest name. – We’ve only seen two so it’s hard to say. But yeah, we’re mega excited to watch the kids play sports today. That’s the agenda. That’s what we’re doing so stay tuned. Should be a fun filled day. (light music) (whistle) Yeah. Back out. Rebound, Bryce. (whistle) – So this is what happens when we have to drive an hour. No time for lunch so we’re eating in the car. Pre-made sandwiches, wraps. – They’re good though. – [Tiffany] Yeah. Boar’s Head from Fry’s. We already smashed through some sushi. – Yeah. – Sierra doesn’t like this. I don’t know why. – [Tiffany] It’s good. – I don’t know how she doesn’t like this. – Alright guys, we made
our way to Gilbert. Like I said, about an hour
drive from where we live. Real southeast. And we’re here at some high school and there are tons and
tons of people here. Evidently, it’s a big tournament. Looking for our girls right now and from what it looks like, it look like we’re tailgating. It looks like tailgating for volleyball. There’s, see the team over there. Everyone’s warming up. The parents are over here. So we’re going to figure
out what we’re doing. Right? How long we here for? – I don’t know. – [Clintus] Six hours? – Six hours. – [Clintus] Potentially, right? Potentially. (whistle) (cheering) Alright, so Sierra’s just
finished her first match. They lost 25 to 18. They made a hell of a comeback but they definitely lost and so we’re getting ready
to set up for round two. They’re doing really good though and the girls will have
all kinds of things to work on for practice and whatnot but looking really good. It’s just exciting. This is an actual real game. (whistle) (whistle) (whistle) Alright you guys, so they
lost their first game. Lost the first two matches. Bam, they were done, had an hour break and now they’re warming
up for their second game. They’re actually going to
play three games tonight. Didn’t know that. We thought it was one and done but they have three games no matter what. (laughing) – I’ll get it. – Alright, so you lost your first game. How you feeling so far? – Pretty good. – You feeling like your
team’s working good? Your team is like a team? – Yeah, I think we work together good because we needed our rotations because we lost at least two points by someone not being in rotation in time so they didn’t know where they went so in the back corner, someone was supposed to go there but they didn’t get there in time and they already served it over before she turned around. – Right so then they get the point. – And then it was right next to her but she didn’t notice, she didn’t know where to go so she wasn’t there in time. – Okay, so we lose points
over errors, right? – Yeah. – You guys talk about it already? Alright, game two, right? Game two. No, they gain points. They gain points. – Oh, it sounded like you
said they lose points. – I did. They gain points. We don’t lose them. They gain them. They get a point. (whistle) (whistle) Yeah, good job. (whistle) Alright, so we just
finished the second game. Didn’t win that one either. Getting ready to do
our third one right now and they’re warming up. This is the third game and this one, I think,
is a 13 year old game. They’re playing 13 year olds. – Yeah, they look a lot smaller. – They’re a lot smaller
than the last teams. I think the last few teams
were 14 year old teams so the odds are better on this one. At least they have a competitive game. – Yeah. (whistle) – [Clintus] Yes. Good save. (whistle) (whistle) Yes. Good job, ladies. Well guys, we’re back home now after that long drive home. The girls ended up
losing all three matches, all three games so kind of down in the dumps at the moment but it was their first tournament and we found out that they were actually playing against 14 year old teams at the intermediate level so there was three different
levels to this tournament and for some reason we got put in the intermediate slot and so we were playing
against some tough teams and a lot of girls that were
much older than our girls so all in all the girls had a lot of fun. The coaches learned a lot, lots of notes I’m sure. They’ll be changing things
up with the practices in the next coming weeks before our next tournament but I talked to Sierra and she wasn’t really in
a great mood obviously, kind of bummed out about some of the mistakes that she made, some mistakes that her teammates made and I just had to remind her that this is their first game, their first tournament
for the team together as a whole and they’re
going to make mistakes and not to be hard on herself but she had fun and she’s feeling good
that she’s getting better and she’s knows there’s
things she needs to work on but she’s excited and she’s looking forward
to the rest of the season. Hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you did, be sure to
give it a thumbs up. Tap the eye in the sky to see what we did the last three years. Tomorrow, Sunday, the Cardinals will be in Carolina to face off against the Panthers for the NFC Championship and it’s a big game. Not sure where we’re going yet, what we’re doing. Think we’re going to
go to a tailgate party and then maybe go to memaw and papa’s for the game. Maybe. I don’t know. But big game. We’ll be watching that closely because obviously if we win that, we get to go to San
Francisco for the Super Bowl so that would be pretty epic if we can make that happen. So stay tuned. Check back tomorrow for that and vlog on.

David Frank