February 21, 2020
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Footy SA – Host Fitness Challenge (Part 2)

Ben, during the week you were down at SPORTSMED again. Yep, I love it down there. Great spot. Yeah? You’re a bit sore though. Yeah, I am struggling. I might have to go back for a massage. You’re a bit tender, not in the condition you once were. But anyway, ‘like’ SPORTSMED on Facebook to keep up to date with all their latest news and information. During the week as I said, the Adelaide superstar went down there for another SPORTSMED challenge. Let’s see how he went. Okay, Matty, so we’re back for another lot. SPORTSMED SA helping me out, trying to get me fitter. I’m trying to see how well I can measure up to play at an AFL standard again. What you got for me first up? Benny, this is the Illinois agility test to see how you move around the ground. Good time – 15.2 seconds. 15.2?! And go! 16! Alright, Matty, not too bad on the agility stuff. What have you got for me now? We’ve got goalkicking, mate, to see if you’ve got a career as a forward in the amateurs. Oh, there we go. Oh yes! Alright, Matty, goalkicking not too bad. What do you got for me now? Benny, this our handball drill. Good work, Benny. Well, I’ve had a lot of fun over the last couple of sessions and I know no club is gonna be worried about me infiltrating into their team. Damian, thanks again. Why do you put me through such a range of activities? I suppose we just want to test where your strength and fitness is that. Obviously to play Australian football you need to be strong and agile, and fit. Despite being strong, fit and agile, people still get injured. That’s where SPORTSMED SA can help. We can hopefully get people back on track and even if people hurt themselves gardening or doing other activities it’s our aim – we want to help keep people back fit and strong, and moving well. Very important component of life, so what I get from that is where you’re an elite player in any sport, whether you’re walking the dog, whether you’re an amateur player, SPORTSMED are there to help. SPORTSMED SA, they do a fantastic job. Thank you very much. No doubt about that. They do a magnificent job. The three of us here can vouch for how good they are and their team down there.

David Frank