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Forehand Flick | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Today
we’re going to talk to you about the forehand flick. To make a good flick the first important thing
is to make sure that you get your body close to the ball. So if I’m left handed I’m going
to get my left leg right under the table so that I can get my bat close to the net. If
you’re right handed, you do that with your right foot. So get your right foot under the
table so that you can get close to the ball to make the flick. At the start of your stroke make sure that
you’ve got your bat nice and far back so really open out your wrist so that will allow you
to come forward on the ball. So here, open the wrist out that way at the start of the
flick. The next thing we need to consider is making
sure that we’re hitting the ball at the peak of the bounce. The peak of the bounce means
that the ball is going to bounce here, it’s going to rise up and then fall again. We need
to be hitting the ball when it’s at it’s highest. So when it’s at it’s highest we’re then able
to have a nice flat contact on the ball to generate a bit more speed. If you contact
the ball when it’s very low here, or very low here then you’re going to need to lift
the ball up and over the net. So lets really concentrate on getting that ball at the peak
of the bounce. From there we’re going to have a nice flat contact so that it’s almost like
a mini smash. At the start of your swing make sure that
your bat is coming forward so that will give you the nice flat contact so not too much
of a lifting action but really press forward on the ball on contact so it’s forward and
then you follow through. So really get that forward action first to make the flick. The next thing you need to consider is what
type of spin is on the ball that’s coming to you. If there’s really heavy backspin you’re
going to need to tilt your bat angle backwards to counter that backspin so really open up
the angle of your racket when you push forward with the flick. On the other hand if there’s
a lot of topspin on the ball then you can close your racket over to come over the ball.
So alter the angle of your racket depending on the amount of backspin or topspin that’s
on the ball. You also need to consider then if there’s any sidespin on the ball. So if
the ball wants to go out that way you need to turn your wrist back further to counter
that sidespin or if the ball wants to go out the other way you need to cover the ball more
around here to counter the sidespin on the ball. So think about adjusting the racket
angle so that you’re countering the type of spin that’s on the ball coming to you. Let’s explore now when you’re going to use
the flick. Predominantly you’re going to use the flick only when the ball is short. So
short means that the ball is going to bounce at least twice on your side of the table if
you let it go. If the ball is long so it’s only going to bounce once then the stroke
that you’re going to choose is the forehand topspin. So basically you’re going to be doing
the flick only when the ball is short to you. We usually use it if someone has done a short
serve to us or if they’ve given us a short push. Let’s have a look at Jeff doing some flicks
off a short push. So now I’ll feed the ball with less backspin
and you’ll see that Jeff’s angle is a bit more over the ball. Now when I add more backspin, Jeff’s going
to open up the angle of his racket to counter that backspin. So I’ll give him a short topspin serve now.
You can see with the flick you can come straight over the top of that ball. Again. Now we’ll give him just a sidespin serve.
So you can see that Jeff is adjusting the angle of his racket to counter the type of
spin that I’m giving him. So now topspin again. Now I’m going to give him a backspin serve
and let’s see how he copes with that. So he’s opened his angle up to counter that
backspin. Let’s try it again. Now I’m going to give him more backspin. You can see he really opened up the angle
of the bat. He was still able to flick the ball though. So now Jeff is going to serve short, I’m going
to push the ball back short and let’s see if Jeff can still utilise his flick. That one was a bit high 🙂

David Frank



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  13. PingSkills Posted on July 10, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    That's right @Manfred R. 

    If the ball is lower than the net you can flick the ball but only slowly because you won't be able to get the ball up over the net and still drop on the table if you hit it to fast. If it's low you'd be better off using a short push return, or the banana flick which allows you to get more topspin. But really if you want to flick try to get the ball at the top of the bounce. It will make it much easier.

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    There are a number of ways to practice backhands down the line. You can start just by playing backhand to forehand with your practice partner. As a separate exercise you could play one ball to your partner's backhand and one to their forehand. Have them only play to your backhand.

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