April 3, 2020
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  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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I treat everybody like I wanna be treated or like I’m treating my mother. And it will come back to you. Guarnteed. Well, my decision to become a dentist, all started back when I was working construction. I get tired of being laid off and I said well, I need to do something more continuious. So I said well I like people and I like working with my hands, so why not dentistry? I had to go back to school cause I only had a high school education. Pulled in my two year degree and then I applied to dental school and never looked back. We were high school sweethearts. We just celebrated our fortieth. He was on a dirt bike when I first saw him. I remember peeling out in front of her. He’s trying to look cool. Just tryin to impress her. *laughs* He did. He impressed me. 27 years ago, so it was prior to computers, we did everything by ledger and cards. It was tough, really tough. It’s hard enough to do dentistry and that’s full time. And then, when it comes to doing the business, I was either too tired, too stressed, or she handeled it. It felt like we were on a ship with no compass. We thought we knew what we are doing, but looking back, on what Four Quadrants did for us, it’s a big difference. Think I’m most proud of the moments when I took it slow. I didn’t go out and all the new stuff and update. And this, that, and the other. You’ve got to get the income coming first and get the money flowing in. you can update. But otherwise you’re just gonna keep chasing that tail. We were producing a lot of money but we didn’t seem to be saving a lot of money. I knew it was in there, just didn’t know where. And we singed up with Four Quadrants and they have put our savings into warp speed. Because it’s incredible what they’ve done. Absolutely incredible. The advice I would give a 35 year old me would be to sign up with Four Quadrants day one, because it’s a life changing experience. And you can actually retire, instead of like me five years early, you probably 10 to 15 years early. You know I’ve never understood that when somebody told me that, “You’ll know when it’s time to retire.” I never understood that, but it hit me and it’s like you just know, it’s time to let it go. We called Brogan and told him that we were thinking about selling the practice or doing a transition. Four Quadrants negotiated all the contracts. Everything they need to do the evaluations, everything, to make this transition smooth. They feel like family, they’ve really got your back. They feel like a very good friend looking out for your best interest. It’s very warm personally. I don’t care who you talk to they’re very friendly. I mean I’m not sure how to describe my past 30 years other than it’s been a very good experience. I wouldn’t change a thing. Couldn’t do it without her. Can’t do it without you, you’re the dentist!

David Frank