April 4, 2020
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George Brown Huskies Women’s Volleyball

[music] HEATHER LOCHHEAD: I wanted to
join the George Brown volleyball team because
I’ve always wanted to play varsity volleyball and I also
saw it as a great opportunity to get trained by Dana Cooke. [music] DANA COOKE: My favourite
part about being the head volleyball coach here at George
Brown is getting to work with an amazing group of young
women and helping them out not only in volleyball arena
but also away from the classroom in their lives. [music] LESLEY LOVELL: Proudest moment
being the assistant coach was when there was a
sense of, “they got it”. Everything as us coaches
have been working with them throughout the season. There was finally that
point in the season where you could just see that
it clicked, it worked. Everything we’d said,
everything we’d been doing, they got it. [music] PATRICIA NIENGUE: What made
me join the volleyball team here at George Brown — it’s
an experience playing volleyball in Canada because previously,
I played in Portugal. [music] TIANA SAMUEL: What I like
playing for George Brown is just being able after
my classes to leave and hit the gym and
play a sport I love. [music] BRITTNEY GEE: The great
part of being captain of George Brown Huskies is, I
guess, the bunch of great girls who not only share the passion
for volleyball but also wanting to always improve. [music] JULIA VIT: I look forward
to coming and performing my best and coming to see
the crowd cheer for us. [music] KATHARINE ALLWARD: The most
important lesson I’ll take with me after the volleyball
season is mental toughness. The ability to persevere
through any mentally challenging situation with my team. [music] TIANA SAMUEL: My favourite
moment is definitely when we score a point, when we kill. The team spirit is
absolutely phenomenal. [music] BRITTNEY GEE: My team
members have helped me in my experience over all
not only on the court but off the court too. I know they’ll always have
my back, not matter what. [music] SAMANTHA AINSWORTH: I think
if the girls could take one thing away from
playing volleyball with GBC it would be working hard and
also believing in themselves and their skills because
we believe in them as well. [music]

David Frank