April 6, 2020
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Get To Know Your IM Sports Officials

[Music Plays] Intramural I’m An Official As an official, I feel like participants
perceive me as the bad guy. I’m just there– people think I’m just there to
make their day worse, and they think I have a vendetta against them but I
really don’t. I have the same attitude towards every player as I do with
everyone. As an official, your job is to stay in the background and not really um
affect the game as much as it is as a player and as a player the spotlight is
on you, and you get rewarded for doing good and backlash for doing bad when as
an official you never really get rewarded for doing good.
Instead, only getting backlash when you do bad. Initially, refereeing to me just meant
enforcing rules and you know wearing the stripes being on the field, but I would
say now since having this job refereeing means a lot more like you have much more
impact in the game than I thought. You know you can control the atmosphere and
the pace of the game and really what kind of game it ends up being.
I wanted to be an official to educate myself. I have been a basketball player, a
coach, and I wanted to see a different perspective from a different side of a
basketball which is officiating and by officiating I learned a lot, and it gives
me an advantage as a player and as a coach. What surprised me most about
officiating was how you can have really great days and just be the best official
in the field, and then the next day you could have the worst day and just make
really bad calls and just feel out of it, and just how it can differ from day to
day. My worst officiating experience would be
when I officiated the women’s volleyball championship game. I missed a couple
calls and the players on the sideline got very angry, and they wanted a new official. And it was kinda sad, but I finished the game. Yeah, I thought I was doing a really good
job. My official that was on the court thought I was doing a good job, but everyone else thought
that I was doing a really bad job, so it just made me feel bad and its kind of
carried on like the next day and I just like had a bad day the next day. My best
officiating experience would be after an intense game, players come up to you and
tell you thank you and they show appreciation that you did a good job.
What referee means to me is making sure that you’re in control of the game and
making sure that everyone is following the rules and playing safe. Having
respect for the game and having respect for the players that play the game and
doing my best as an official to make sure I manage the game and make it go as
smoothly as possible for the participants. I would advise players to
speak to an official like they’re a real person because sometimes I think players
just disregard that that they’re just doing their jobs.
I would tell players to talk to officials like they would talk to anyone
else. Obviously, we want them to be respectful, but I would say it really
makes a big difference when you can talk to us just like you’re talking to a
player you know, like, “hey man like what did you see on that call”? If you ask us
questions, we’re always gonna answer. You know, if you come at us angry, that’s when
you’re probably not gonna get an answer. My name’s Andrew. My name’s Henrik. My name’s Megan. I am Amy. I am Scott. I’m Rochelle, and I’m an official Campus Recreation Follow Us! @CPPCAMPUSREC

David Frank