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GETTING GOOD!!!  | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 13

Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Career Mode Volleyball Game Yes Guy Gaming Xbox One Steam PC Pro Volleyball he’s got the power at that deep corner
yeah you shanked it triblock know I should have blocked hello and welcome
back to yes guy gaming we’re back playing spike volleyball this is an
interesting as hell game we’re having fun with it we’re doing some scouting
we’re getting some better players we’re in the International League group phase
again second year we won our pool first now we’re in the secondary pool trying
to win that trying to win this tournament up our ranking hopefully get
some better players have some more fun with this game and get some more
balances that’s really what I’m all about
so get to it good evening and welcome and welcome just about last tournament
I’m determined because last game was way too close for me I need this one to be
way less close great pass by the Libero net flipper yes come on it’s how we
start baby with an aggressive net flick deep corner burrowed he’s got the RIP
yes now stack out here let’s get a successful block Wow he pounded that through the block
great hit low and hard just Tigers supposed to
great pass set this guy back he loves it yes the right side offense is so
effective love that all right that step up and serve over there
why did I step up it was an accident you guys nice pound get over there what are
you two guys doing together there’s a day how whoa
pound that right there no goats goody in that was in what the hell was with that
set anyway I mean I get it it was excreme’ play yikes set the right side
guy because he’s on fire yes where was their guy in five going he was outside
the court you idiot found it down the line looking for that ace go back oh
three guys back great dig is that a seat I’m pressing the goddamn button it
doesn’t do anything like that that’s bad game design like it makes you
think like was it my fault it’s unsure there’s no feedback yes
those often short that’s good game design because I get
immediate feedback that that’s what I should be doing I got a point it’s a
balance everybody celebrates it’s great get down the line buddy down the line
Taylor found it geez one-armed bandit dug it up easy oh that’s a dig that was
gonna go out but he dug it anyway most often short mmm that was higher
deep what are you thinking get out there I just not block if I’m not in position
like that’s so unrealistic it’s for all this is tighter than I
wanted let’s go geez see ball headed deep yes he shanked
it nice yeah alright here we go with love and ace would just be so
grateful Bernice yes that helps bring the separation okay there’s a floater
but that was a spinner let’s go with a seeker no gosh that’s not a way you
accumulate a lead by missing service like that my fault way to just fall over
buddy like I hear I am jamming the button thinking it’s gonna go in guy
just falls over Kay move over you know we always attack this side like it’s
pretty much guaranteed buddy like you’re on our team you should know pound it what that looks way into me come on
great pass you know where it’s going middle that foot for that aggressive net
flipper love that in real life if you could do that on command you should this
guy’s got more oh he’s got the power okay what do they got what are they
going middle with a dig that right side he’s gonna bounce it jeunesse right side
is automatic I wish I could run s62 in this game
because I would rights on offense only there’s a day it’s at the right side you
get a balance it with that set from there wow what a day leave it there’s a
dig set right side again as always are you kidding me with that dick
Go Go y’all the barrel guy what are you doing you don’t over there gosh
good thing we’re still up – nice set the guy back keep it away from the laverre
oh yeah that’s where you want to bounce it cuz the Libero has a chance to dig it
alright this is where we fold them up completely and start to pull away what
would really fold them up as a nice seeker deep corner right now hmm
not gonna happen what happened you hit it off the antenna what are you doing
buddy you’re an idiot I want straight down the line here full
power come on buddy yes this is where we fold
them up you can’t hang with us kiss me forever to walk over here though slow
and steady buddy yep there you go well done hit that corner yes come on
that is nice Layton sets the aces are blowing takes them forever to get over
there but it’s worth it at the it’s an ace come on buddies one more this is so
ridiculous all right let’s see if we can go for four in a row to close out the
set that would be so nice all the way over yep
do it again buddy down the line you got it you got it buddy it’s all you Reyes
oh my got that one stack out over there over there where does that guy go who
set that oh man got slammed sign up for the win
yep oh definitely going middle old reliable he dug it that looks so stupid
yes here we go I don’t know what determines where on the court these guys
serve Pro kind of strange but some guys start over there some guys start over
there it’s nice starting over here for some
reason but the centers in the back row which is kind of nice because he can
line it up down the line this way whoa that was aggressive and out dang it bad
start my fault you guys nice pass set our new guy on the right side he’s
gonna bounce it get us that’s a straight down bounce buddy how that you die bury
that now it’s your serve new guy he’s got the power at that deep corner yeah
you shanked it try block no I should have locked here we go pass up to one for them not
good yep nice pass pound it pound it yes yes come on the right side is Automattic
step all the way over here buddy we’ve been here before how many times we got
to do this before you learn to just to go over over this way yep down the line
there it is I hit it as well as I could all sorts of trouble
yep all over that what is he not detecting the button is that not a good
enough dig like what is the problem there nice yeah go back absolutely what
a dig please nobody get it yes low soft and short always works
especially from the middle even if they dig it they can’t get anybody there to
keep it up in the air count it down the line yep this is the shot yes
come on do it again do it again full speed down the line yes speed through
the time out because we don’t want to lose momentum
don’t lose momentum yep you got a buddy right down the line
full speed ahead hit that just you’re not losing momentum hit that
again buddy hit that again Oh get lucky sometimes it’s my fault
sometimes it is my fault great pass obviously running middle yes all right
Taylor now on this let’s be aggressive with a click almost screwed me up but I
got it good thing too yes guy come on now we’re
separating this game deep corner pound at night
yes sky again all day baby find that again
oh that click please get lucky yes so lucky you going back probably Oh pipe no
way there’s a dig the guy in the front row rotate on a tee pose from that guy
in the middle that’s a nice tee pose yes get a good
look at that well I got a tee pose
like worse than Tico’s maybe that’s the problem with all these animations is
they weren’t made into tea pause they were made into like why pose or whatever
expose the click the click on defense is the worst is he pounds it and I have no
chance to stop it although we are up 10 5 after I
exploited like oh why did I pass that it’s not the middle guy you can do it
shit is the only reliable sneak it low through the block here’s the thing once
I get guys who can start hitting it from a higher point does that mean like
they’re gonna start be able to block me and I won’t get like those sneaky
throughs see ball down there’s a date put this guy on the net we’re gonna it
deep yes come on the deep corner nice find that corner
yes punch up in the middle no block on the sea ball yep good dig a treadmill
he’s hungry for you could see him hustle back yeah she wants more kill
nice keep rolling buddy Spencer perfect serve dude here we go for the win buddy
end it end the game thank you the Canadian team hours okay guys let’s
check it out my agents I’ve got two things returning and I’m hopeful for
them to be really good setter well setter is not gonna be good
definitely not looks like they have a strong points in the following
statistics attack well a setter with a strong point in the attack is useless
except for the dump but that’s hard because if they don’t jump set just ball
eight in the net he’s definitely gonna be a consultant that’s okay though
middle blocker would be great somebody could actually get some blocks would be
nice let’s hope fingers crossed yes IMed it’d be strong points in block
height I don’t know if that’ll help because if his block gets higher there’s
more room to stick it through oh boy okay we’ve got to get this opposite here
the green things are a great indication of who I should send perfect so opposite
do I want him to have anything yeah let’s give him some power and walk
height on the opposite yeah why not it’s give him both okay all right let’s
check out this new guy middle blocker 71 he is better he is better so I don’t
think I’ll be able to turn him into a consultant just yet but that’s okay this
guy is definitely gonna be a consultant in attack he’s a setter I don’t know how
that makes sense it’s fine I will take it I made it beep he’s getting sucked in
okay so we got to switch what ton of a Andreas
oh sorry ray as you’re leaving buddy yeah see array oz will sub moat for a
sub cuz Ray Ray’s will still be a sub cuz we got we got a middle bloggers who
are worse yeah this guy’s worse Harry Wilson sorry Harry
you are terrible vomit a Beebe is coming in and he is upgrading our overall which
is nice 71 okay it’s not as good as Reza or
Moreau rose 77 that’s nice but new guy that’s great we’re definitely gonna set
up okay guys let’s go do for this episode of spike volleyball I gotta
thank you so much for watching haven’t already hit that subscribe
button would really really appreciate that and keep the comments and feedback
coming I’d love to hear that stuff I try to write and and respond to every
comment if possible the responses are hard because it on the app you can’t go
and find all the responses so you know type in a new comment if you want to
hear let me to hear you say something I’d be happy to respond I appreciate all
the support and feedback on the series and the channel it means a lot the
channel is grown a lot in the past few weeks and I hope to keep growing it more
as all thanks to you guys so thank you so much and for all of you for making it
through the end of this video for this part everything anyways we hope to see
you guys next time on yes guy gaming Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Career Mode Volleyball Game Yes Guy Gaming Xbox One Steam PC Pro Volleyball

David Frank



  1. Jiyao Li Posted on March 1, 2019 at 1:19 am

    You are the reason why I continue to play this game

  2. Thongchai Sae-Lao Posted on March 1, 2019 at 1:47 am

    Love watching you play. But I think the game is getting to difficult to lose. Sometimes I feel good to lose a set.

  3. Eduardo Fernandes Posted on March 1, 2019 at 2:33 am

    I don`t use the glitches of the game to win matches. I try not to make a lot of aces. Yesterday I had a difficult match agains USA. It was the first time I lost one set in the game!!!

  4. yancy glenn abaday Posted on March 1, 2019 at 4:07 am

    how do you block? like im pressing L and R on my controller but the players wont jump. Its so hard to keep and eye on the rotation like if the setter or opposite are in the back row. How do you pass quick set to middle spiker? I just got mine

  5. Dorky Pants Posted on March 1, 2019 at 6:06 am

    Is it possible to make the tempo for attacks faster in this game?

  6. Brodie Posted on March 1, 2019 at 6:29 am

    I had to go back to playing Unbound after I had a match where my libero's character animation was frozen in the back left corner but he still was playing the game as ''normal'' as an invisible air bender. However I love watching you play it just to see the reactions from the infinite number of bugs in this game. lol I hope they patch it, I will gladly go back to playing it once they do. I want precise controls to know I am the one winning, not glitches. hahaha

  7. lechoo Posted on March 1, 2019 at 8:35 am

    Hi! How do you make the players run so fast to form the block? I press the buttons but they hardly ever move or are very late and successful block is almost impossible …. I know that "X" is for jump – but I have no idea how to form a double or triple block. Please help. Thanks in advance 🙂

  8. Ratchet Kitchen Posted on March 1, 2019 at 10:39 am

    I got the blocking tempo finally but I don’t always block because for some reason it disables the libero or at least delays the libero so, I just end up not blocking at times because my libero be picking up dimes.

    How are you getting perfect passes?

    I’m gonna try your corner area 5 ace serve. 👌

    What’s your gamer tag? I’ll play you.

  9. xinilla Posted on March 1, 2019 at 12:10 pm

    Still hoping to play this using just a keyboard i cant press anything when im ingame

  10. FELIX1970 Posted on March 1, 2019 at 5:54 pm

    Do you play on Hard Level? Cause I’m playing it and I didnt feel any difference between Hard and Normal level, besides CPU calling middle attack more often and using YOUR Net Flipper sometimes…LOL
    Big Ben people answered to me on Twitter confirming a patch to middle of March. Lets see…
    It’s unacceptable an unlicensed game without a Edit Mode. And a lot of flaws. I asked them about a Forum to compile all issues but they said that just follow user’s demands on social media… Bullshit…
    Keep going with your nice videos (I prefer side view camera but I watched you disliking it…)

  11. Dawid Butkiewicz Posted on March 2, 2019 at 1:18 am

    How tall are you

  12. April Buzon Posted on March 4, 2019 at 7:52 pm

    is this available on mac book air? 🙁

  13. Keoni Lew Posted on May 18, 2019 at 4:48 am

    Just got this game after watching your vids. Can we edit the names or characteristics of players in career mode? Like a custom roster type feature.