April 4, 2020
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Golf Chipping Tips : Nine Iron Chipping Golf Tips

Once again we’re around the green and this
is a very important shot because if we misplay this shot ideally it’s one chip here, one
putt. So whether we’re trying to get a birdie or save a par or save a bogey you can see
where if this shot isn’t executed well it’s going to make the next shot that much tougher
so this shot is really, really important. And so on this particular attempt I’ve decided
to bring out my nine iron. So I don’t want as much loft on this one so if I’m going to
hit a short chip I’m really thinking about kind of almost pushing it to hit it a short
distance and I’m going to put a little bit of under spin on it because I’ve got this
club does in part some good under spin but it’s not as lofted as the other clubs so I
don’t get as much height. So it’s a lot easier to control for these shorter shots sometimes.
I mean every situation is different, that’s why you got to practice them all and so you
can bring out the appropriate club. But let’s say I’m going to hit a longer chip and I don’t
want to use my sand wedge cause there’s too much loft on it, I want to roll the ball.
So let’s say the greens are nice and straight and true so I just take it, I just take a
little bigger swing and that allows me to hit, that’s probably about a forty yard chip
shot cause this a pretty big practice green. So this club has a lot of uses because it’s
got less loft, I can control it and I can also choke down on it to give myself more

David Frank