April 7, 2020
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Guardiola method (Subtitles included)

So you pass the ball in football? The pass? Going to pass for something? What sense does the pass have? Well we passed the ball why the boys when they did play football decided to play with the ball make a group that is strong is generated by the ball A team that generates that all participate that thing for which the football player became the ball is the thing that most unites a team on and off the field. The ball Tactically, each pass must have an intention, I love that we pass the ball, but sometimes the Tiki-taka is a pejorative example to pass the ball. Passing the ball has an intention: move a defensive structure, to attack them where you want The ball moves to move that defensive structure to one side and be able to attack on the other side But this happens in handball, basketball, in all group sports, the ball moves to move the opponent. When the ball is stopped the mimicry of defensive control is very easy, when the ball is in motion the defensive mimicry of the opponent does not know where it is And at that moment, in that structure that moves, depending on whether the outsiders or those inside come out in the opportunity to attack. That’s why you have to train and train always with the ball because that’s what gives the game Reporter: How to train player decision making? Less space and less time to decide? That’s how you train, how you help him make better decisions. Playing football, there is no other way Decision making is improved the more decision-making you have to make. A worse players train with larger spaces, better players train in smaller spaces so they have less time to think and make decisions Reporter: There is a sentence by Johan Cruyff, “playing simple football is complicated”, what do you think? Yes, we play well because we play simple. We play fast because we play simple. We insist a lot on everything that you do not see that you let go of the ball, the ball burns, that is a feeling of ball in movement. If you decide to drive to dribble, it is perfect, but if the ball is loose, the feeling that everyone participates is perfect. I love the attack game because first it is proactive and second you give the player courage to feel protagonist, that is, I want to run and defend to recover the ball and return to play more and that is what it is all about. When the ball goes very fast, any team that you see that plays fast, Napoli, for example, play simple, no one turns, they all play what they see, and that generates a few passes that unwittingly the occasion appears

David Frank