March 31, 2020
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GVSSR – 03/11/19 – Lacrosse

GVSU lacrosse is in the middle of their
season and currently hold a 3 and 2 record after their spring trip in
Colorado joining us now for the first time has head coach Mackenzie Lawler
Mack welcome to the program thank you excited to be here five games in three
and two record how things gone so far for you in your first year
they’ve gone really well you know I think we’re still kind of trying to
figure out what is our identity as a team you know there was just so many
seniors that graduated last year that played a big role you know we put a lot
of good halves together and you know in those two losses I think we just needed
to play a little bit more of a complete game in order to take the win but you
know there’s been a lot of lessons learned so far in the season and we’re
excited to put those into GLIAC plays we’re starting that this coming weekend
your five games I don’t think anything has gone according to plan whether with
the two games you added early on to get their game started in February to all
the moving around in Colorado it’s but a kind of interesting start for you hasn’t
it it has I think we’ve tried to you know kind of show the girls the way of
focused on what you can control I mean you can’t plan that there’s gonna be an
avalanche before game in Colorado and ruin some officials and and you know
pushing the game back five hours but you know one of the things that we can you
know control in terms of you know how we prepare for the opponent’s you know what
our effort is you know the intensity into the games and you know hopefully
some of those will start to go our way a little bit more as we progressed into
the season three really good matchups in Colorado but more importantly a chance
for a very young team to bond how was the emotional experience of getting to
get together off the field not only with the team but between the new coaching
staff as well it was great you know we were together for eight days we flew out
to Salt Lake City you know had a couple long drives and then flew into Denver we
got to see a couple of the national parks which for most of our roster being
from the Midwest and from the East Coast that was very new to them only one or
two players had ever even been to Colorado so I think it was a really fun
life experience for them and then just that much time together you know with a
young team and having new leadership step up it was really cool to see you
know where our team can kind of build from here we mentioned the loss of a lot
of seniors but to returners that have really stepped up early on Abby O’Neill
who’s been scoring I think four goals a game at this point
and then Carlie just has been fantastic as well yeah they’ve I think I’ve just
been tremendous in terms of setting the tone you know they’re two of the players
who have had bigger roles in the past and so I think they know you know what
to expect when you’re playing those teams like Regis who’s ranked or
Colorado may say you know they’ve been in those positions before and even
though the pressure might be on them a little bit more this
you know they have a taste of it and I think their leadership is really helping
you know some of our other players step up and handle their new roles as well
breaking news today and Carly Shefsler being named Defensive Player of the Week
you said that was a bit of a surprise for her when she found out she was you
know I think as a midfielder sometimes they are a little more proud of their
offensive stats and Carly was just huge between the restraining lines for us you
know she was getting six draw controls a game against two ranked opponents which
is amazing you know she had numerous ground balls
and caused turnovers and I think that’s a little bit of a new role for her as
well and just a little bit of our different style of play as new coaches
you know we’re trying to put a little bit more of the scoring responsibility
on the attackers and just kind of let the midfielders run and help us in a
little bit more of a defensive way but it was great for her to get that
recognition I think she really deserves it jumping right into conference play
all of a sudden this week on the road at Concordia st. Paul what do you take from
these first five games to begin GLIAC action you know I think it’s just
working really together on both sides of the ball you know there’s been some
lapses you know in our clears and just offense you know still kind of trying to
figure out that chemistry and so I think you know each game we’ve gotten better
and better at fixing those things and so now you know we have the opportunity you
know against two you know quality GLIAC opponents you know to go on the road
take care of his business and hopefully come out with two wins excited to start
out the GLIAC season excited to have you on the program for the first time
looking forward to a great year with you thanks for time thank you stay with us
as women’s basketball head coach Mike Williams joins us next to preview the NCAA
tournament on the Grand Valley State Sports report

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