April 7, 2020
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Her Last Volleyball Game Of The School Year | Clintus.tv

– [Clintus] Coffee brewing. Going Bayman’s
Blend this morning. Bryce has got some waffles, courtesy of his mommy, who’s hiding over
there on the couch. (laughing) Baby’s chilling,
enjoying the cool breeze going through the house. And Sierra is
probably still sleeping. Oh! Coffee is ready. (bass notes) (yelling and crowd talking) (cheering) (crowd talking) (players yelling) – [Papa] Attagirl Sierra! (whooping) (whistle blowing) (players yelling) (cheering) – [Clintus] How’s dinner? – Great. – [Clintus] Little
Panda Express action? – They’re great. – [Clintus] Sierra’s choice. Well, hello there. How are you doing today? I think this might be the
first time I’m on camera today. Today has been
kind of a weird day, kinda weird. So I know I vlogged this
morning when the kids were Bryce was downstairs
getting ready for school. Went upstairs, had an
awesome stream on Twitch and then as soon as
I got done with my stream I had a bunch of
busy stuff to do. I had to like make
a couple phone calls, I had to do a couple emails, and then Tiffany’s
parents came over ’cause they went to be
volleyball game with us and I was talking
to Mike you know, Papa, and we went out back, we
did some stuff on the pool and it was just
like busy, busy, busy. I didn’t grab the camera at all and it just happened that way. Sorry, it just
happened that way. And then we went to
Sierra’s volleyball game so you saw that and then
we got done with Sierra’s volleyball game and we
got a bite to eat ’cause Bryce has basketball
practice and we’re like so like lost and just
like hurry up and eating, we were in a rush to eat that
I forgot the camera there and so you saw that last clip
of just we were finishing up our meal and
so kinda a weird day. Just it was just like
everything was rushed, everything was so rushed
that I just didn’t feel like a right time to grab the
camera I guess, I don’t know. Hard to explain. I feel bad because you
didn’t see any of that stuff that I just explained
to you and that’s the worst type of vlog is like oh yeah
we did this, we did that, we did this, you
didn’t get to see any of it, that’s the worst,
that’s the worst, so. I’m making a quick lap around
the block to finish my move goal for the day and
then we’ll go inside. We’ll go watch
Bryce play some basketball for the last, oh I don’t know,
hour that he’s at practice. Hope you guys
enjoyed today’s vlog. It was a lot of fun
riding dirt bikes with Bryce. He even asked me as
soon as he got home today, I was like hey man you
should watch today’s vlog, it was good; he was like,
“Can we go riding tomorrow?” I was like, what okay. So I guess we’re
going riding again tomorrow. He wants to ride the 65 again. He really had a
fun time riding it. With that being said,
a lot of crap comments in the vlog in the comments. You know, he needs to
shift, you need to shift, like people don’t realize that
65 is A, it’s a two stroke, B, it’s a small engine,
and C, it’s short six gears so it winds out really
fast, and it’s designed to be screaming. If he was on
the pipe, he’d be screaming it and be shifting all up
six gears but he’d be going so damn fast that he wouldn’t
be able to do anything so, I don’t know I think
kids feel like they’re experts when they’re not. They have no idea
what they’re talking about. They’re like, he needs to
shift, we was stuck in first and second gears; like no, he
was in third and fourth gear. So frustrating, it’s
so frustrating when kids in the comments
think they’re experts and they don’t know
what they’re talking about. Also posted two Destiny 2
videos on Clintus Games. 4K, 60 frames per second,
Destiny 2 PC game footage. Looks so amazing. If you’ve
never see 4K video footage, go check it out, Clintus Games. (basketball bouncing
and shoes squeaking) (players and coach talking) So this one just got
done watching Supergirl. Good episode? – Yep.
– Yep. So done with volleyball for now. Yep, club volleyball. In about a month or three weeks? Three or four
weeks, tryouts and then we kick it all off again, huh? Excited for that? – Yeah. – Yeah. – It’s gonna last
longer though, gonna be better. – Yeah it definitely last
longer and two practices a week and so it’s like a
lot more volleyball. – Yeah.
– Yeah. We’re excited for that. And that’s it for the vlog guys. Short one, one of those
days that nothing happens. That usually happens
on a Monday. Monday’s usually are
like that kind of day. We do stuff on the weekends
and Mondays are kind of like chill, veg out, or
in today’s instance just boring adult things. Either way tomorrow Bryce
wants to go dirt bike riding so we’re gonna go
take that 65 back out, out to the desert,
do some dirt bike riding and I really
enjoyed getting off my bike and shooting him with
this camera and just getting some good footage of him so
probably do some more of that. I’m gonna take some of you
guys feedback in the comments where to mount the
GoPro on my new helmet, so tomorrow’s vlog
should be a good one. Stay tuned for that one. Vlog on. (upbeat music)

David Frank