April 7, 2020
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  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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— hurt us getting on track early, but then
ultimately we did. And that’s the sign of a team that can kind of fight through
some adversity, so that was a positive. I think Kelsey and Liv had unbelievable
performances which really helped the win today. And you know,
late in the season it’s, you know, a lot of teams play well, it’s hard to shut
a team out. It is so hard to shut a team out in 60 minutes, and that says a
lot. So some good, great things, some good things, some not-so-good things, but you
know that’s what we keep trying to work on those things that make us, take us
from good to great. I think that it’s really easy to play well when you have a
good team in front of you, and good defense in front of you, and I think the defense
like today and for the past few games have been playing really really well
we’ve been communicating really well. Sometimes we have a little bit of
trouble getting it through transition and I think that’s a little bit of our
downfall, but yeah we lean on each other, we support each other, and at the end of
the day it was all of us that got a shutout. I just think coach’s conversation in the
locker room was straight to the point, and I think we all as a team like went
out there, like the mood was different and like we all just knew what we had to do. We weren’t playing our game when we first walked onto that field, so, and I
feel like the last couple games we have been a second-half team, and I think that
that’s a good quality to have. We know how to turn it around when we’re not ourselves, and I think that was just really key. Everyone was encouraging each other
and it was just a different environment that second half, which turned the game
around, and I felt really good. Today, we did not expect, you know, Carol Rose to yellow card out. That meant another first-year had to go in and play her
position. So it’s that mentality like you have to be the next one in, you have to be
ready. So not the “I’ll wait my turn, I’ll wait
til I’m a junior, I’ll wait til I’m a senior,” but “I’m- my team might need me today, and I got to be ready.” So, it was you know
exciting to see that we, with the number of people that we were counting on
playing today that didn’t, and how people stepped up, and ultimately we ended up
with a 13-0 win. You can have a lot of talent, but if talent doesn’t play
well together, you can’t be successful as a team. And I think then, in addition to
the talent, the chemistry on the team is really good, and they really do care
about each other as friends, as teammates, and that translates onto the field. And
so it’s competitive, it’s very competitive, but in a positive way that
we’re making each other better and, you know, when we, you know, when I asked
Kelsey to step up today, she did. And when I had said, “Liv, your job now, you gotta go, and she stepped up, and you know this is where we’re at. So, you know,
you never wish for an injury, or you hope you don’t have them, but you know we’ve
had a number of injuries and we’re still rolling, so.

David Frank