January 28, 2020
  • 5:57 am What’s inside a Kookaburra Cricket Ball?
  • 5:57 am Don’t Do This! 10 Football Boot Mistakes To Avoid. Biggest Soccer Cleats DON’TS!!
  • 5:57 am Ozzy Man Reviews: Cricket Ball Tampering
  • 5:57 am Louis and Harry reacting to them playing football (caution: too much fonding)
  • 5:56 am GVSSR – 04/02/2018 – Lacrosse vs. Indianapolis, McKendree
HERON HIGHLIGHTS: Lacrosse defeats Ithaca

Her cutter doesn’t have it. Now trying to
lean to her defender left-hand side has some room now takes her shot and scores.
Gonna sail wide and Rachel Slagle has the back up. Quick restart out in front, Slagel score. Slagle takes advantage of the quick restart off the backup and puts it. In a 2-2 tie, it’s Murphy on the right-hand
side passed down low, got it through to Slagle. Shot and score great feed there for
Murphy out in front to Slagle. It goes on to McMahon, turnaround shot and score.
Got it through to Nicki Santora who was able to bounce one in. Have
to load it up pretty quickly. Winds up, she does and scores. Santora with the right move there.
Interfere with, dropped it back out, Murphy pass over the top. Got it through,
quick turnaround by Burns, scores. Burns middle gets it back onto Burns, Burns has
some room in on goal, powers through and scores. So the herons get that. In on
goal, goes over the top and scores. Payton McMahon, no mistake on the eight
meter shot with 22:05 to go. Drops it off, chance now to go, for
McMahon, scores. McMahon uses the speed and tucked that one under the bar with 17:23 to go. Slagle at the side, shot clock doesn’t reset. Slagle out in front,
score. Slagle does it again on the. Denied earlier. Did convert one as well.
In on goal, bounces it home, and score. Caught out front, onto Mapstone. Fourth
consecutive year out in front it goes to Slagle. Cross crease shot and score.

David Frank