March 31, 2020
  • 6:35 am THE REFEREE 2/2
  • 6:35 am Inside the School that Trains Umpires
  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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  • 6:28 am How to Play Cricket : How to Throw a Short Distance Ball in Cricket
HERON HIGHLIGHTS: Lacrosse defeats St. Lawrence

To attack the zone closes off back onto Murphy. Murphy fakes has some room down the middle in towards the goal. Takes her shot and scores a Big gaping. Mapstone out in front Slagle to the goal circle It’s dropped by Burns. Picked up, shot, score. To pick up the turnover. Back up the other way of the run. Gahagan down the middle has a seam carrying it right hand side in on goal. Winds up, shot, score! Yackel in on goal takes her shot and scores! Waiting lefty, carries this down the middle in our goal winds up takes the shot and scores! Gahagan kept it low. Coming in with it Murphy. Murphy back in front Trying to force that one into Burns. Picked up Maptsone score! It’s three on three and she heads in line Has a step on her defender. In towards goal. Yackel turns on the Jets and scores! Yackel pulls away stumbles keeps her feet. They will drop it off back in behind the net. Now way back out Burns goes up after it. Burns inside takes her shot and scores. I am NOT Now comes in on goal takes the overhead shot and scores. So Murphy now. Gets the okay, in on goal. Tries to slam it in and does! Burns beats the buzzer! To Anna Murphy. Murphy to the back of the net. Behind there is Rachel Slagel Slagel back of the net looking in front. Wide open is Burns, score! She waits with the righty carry. Gets it. Mapstone in on goal, over the top, scores! Slagle keeps alive. Herons down to ten. Out in front, quick shot and score! Burns has her fourth of the game off Has some passing options on the left if that’s where she wants to go. She does! Out in front, shot, score! Ellie Burns. Herons control another one. Back up comes McMahon on the right hand side Out in front through to Burns, score again! They’re now on with his big league. Consoli back right side for Burns. Already six goals a career high for Ellie Burns A nice cycle out in front to Williams quick shot and score! Lukas got some but not all. On the sidelines Herons quick restart. Consoli down the gullet. Out in front, Nowak score! Ellie Nowak will pick up the goal for the Herons. Her first collegiate goal with less than 25 seconds to go.

David Frank