April 2, 2020
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  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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HERON HIGHLIGHTS: Lacrosse takes on Bowdoin in NCAAs

so Bundy 40 goals in the season 13 out
of 31 on free position shot – mark in our goal takes it to the front
takes the shot and scores block stops with 25:41 to go first half Kennedy in
our goal takes the overhead shot and this time often smothers it
we’ll play it backwards again in isolation for McMann trying to go on
puñado again taking her to the call and it’s gonna be caught this time if I’ve
got it through quick turn around shot by Murphy Murphy score. Murphy its turnaround
getting a piece of it was Morrissey not enough goes back in behind once again
working back in the net is Kelsey Williams Williams comes out left-hand
side trying to put on the roadog cuts in on goal quick shut at score
Kelsey Williams loses Allison Williams and with 18:18 to go first half the
herons have their first lead we backed up by Growdy and so Bowdoin holds on I
didn’t see which defender closed for the hair is with a good job you know on goal
Miller scores Herons’ defense opens up in the middle
and Miller takes advantage this season on the second right hash
mark to try to get Bowdoin the lead once again with 14:19 to go in the first half
said passes out a quick shot in the score so Miller passes out of it goes
across the Sofia Shaffer to the middle for Crowdy Crowdy nice lefty pass on in
front quick turnaround shot score little screen shot there from Carol Finnerty and she was looking at past faiths it
goes in on goal backhanded shot scores Sophia debundy fake the past
went in on goal and able to sneak that one by hoffman comes back to the right
again with anderson working henderson back to lefty carry back in the middle
bundy gets to 8 in on-goal takes the shot at scores lefty carry for Santora keen
on goal switches right takes her shot and scores miller though does recover
the possession stays alive website whether this affinity across the field
in a call quick low shot score you know on goal takes the override shot and
score so bundy be able to score it again from eight meters away for the herons
fifty two goal scorer gets at middle out in front winding a mcmahon quick shot
and the score see if they can get her isolated to use her speed puts on a foot
fake in toward call winds up takes her shot and that one’s gonna be stopped
yeah as it was read well by Morrissey pulls it back out and sent for Bundy
Bundy on in front caught that one through a little underhanded shot scores
Amanda Anderson with a highlight reel backhanded shove it will try again
already four goals on the day get on goal takes to the front and scoops in
dives to the crease and scores gets it in front Murphy and toward goal tough
angle shot on across freeze pass and getting a piece of that one was Morris
he will take it second right hash winning righty carry in toward goal
takes to the front and scores so let’s the handle on it but it’s were
covered in taken away by Haley Portland and so they keep the possession alive
long shot by Miller and Kennedy able to kick that one out very proud of them
they had an amazing season we did some great things players developed all year
and it was you know it was great we we really came a long way we suffered a lot
of injuries that you know in the end obviously hurt us but
I’m excited for next year and what this team can do and for two more years after
that for these two so you know it’s still great season and I’m proud of them
and it’s one of my favorite teams in 20 years you

David Frank