April 4, 2020
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  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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HERON HIGHLIGHTS: Lacrosse wins 3rd straight league title

before passing it to Moore she’s cutting
in with her, Moore nice spin move she’ll take the shot, she scores!
Melissa Moore striking early. Swinging for that was Montgomery, she misses Magee
still has it she goes for the shot. Jules Kennedy standing her ups. Moore passing that into Burns. Burns scores! Ali Burns beautiful connection, she dropped it low
shot from below the waist and Benyo will get an opportunity here we’ve also got
two herons behind so no risk of turnover if she misses. She shoots and she snipes! Sarah Benyo opted to go for that shot in the end and good thing she did. Benyo crease wraps inside she goes for the shot it’s wide. Carr there for the
rebound, she finds Williams. Williams finishes. Sees
Moore and Moore shoots, rebound comes out and then it’s going to be controlled by
Prosuto a good little play there but Prosuto big save, able to get a piece of that. I
don’t know if Moore really had much time to place it. Carr gets it she’ll score
big turnover for Kelsey Carr. They’ll have to launch pretty quickly in this one. Yeah, they were right on top of her. She gets
rid of it. Yackel ran right through about three
Bombers. She’ll shoot just wide but there to get it is Ellie Burns. She’ll pass it up
to Mapstone, Maptstone into Yackel for a second chance.
Yackel switches hands foul coming, she scores! Bounce shot ends up in the top
left corner. Carr just a little bit late she finds Benyo, Benyo buries it
lefty! Nice pass from Moore. That’ll get it to Carr and then to Moore. Good quick
playing here. Gahagan who’s in she’ll give it back to Moore. Moore will fire and
that was a huge goal. Gets the shot off and she scores! Puts it down low off stick.
Montgomery not letting Panera in, Panera though getting a step on her as Montgomery
lost her footing. Rice shot, Kennedy huge diving save. Rice trying to get inside,
Moore not letting her. She’ll pass it in instead had it getting that saved.
Moore’s got this one dead center, a chance to make it a two goal game.
Moore bounces that, kind of a weak one. Kind of a weird one. Panera trying to make her way
in. Sends it in, big save from Kennedy yet again. Trying to find herself a lane,
she’ll flip it to Benyo. Benyo getting a lane, she’ll take the shot and
she scores lefty! Nice bouncer. It’s caught by Murphy, it looked short but
Murphy able to meet it. Murphy hits Santora, Santora finishes sends in a
lefty and that’ll be her first of the game putting the herons out a four goal
lead. Instead, rolls back passes to Mapstone. She’ll flip that off to Murphy. Another flip pass here to Melissa Moore.
Moore to Mapstone in the middle, who was wide open, Mapstone buries that! A bounce shot perfectly executed. Five seconds she’ll pass it in. Santora
beautiful goal I mean the game was back-and-forth we
came out hard first with the lead and in a second half Ithaca came back and
they pulled ahead but I think it was really important that we didn’t let our
heads down and we were positive and we kept up the hustle and we played hard
and aggressive and we ended up on top so it was definitely a team effort and I’m
so proud of this team and so happy to be here with everyone. I’m super super
excited we came in we only beat Ithaca by one in the regular season so we knew
it’s going to be a really hard game but everyone was so excited and to win for
the third year in a row and host for the third year row is just so special
especially after having a rough first year where we didn’t even make our
Liberty League tournament so we definitely turned around and it just
feels really good to win. What players did this year together with such young
players seven, eight starters at times what we accomplished is tremendous and I
think we have matched what we’ve done in the past but I’m excited about with the
youth of this team and the play like Mel had today like we have great things to
accomplish yet this year but I feel like we’re in a really good place moving
forward for the next three or four years. you

David Frank