April 5, 2020
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Highlights: Men’s Lacrosse vs. Saint Anselm

Tonight the Queen City Cup
makes its Penman Stadium debut as the SNHU
men’s lacrosse team get set to defend their home
field against their crosstown rival, the Saint Anselm Hawks. Let’s go! Move! Side of the net. Then back out. Swinging, he moves it high. Here’s a shot. Score! Xavier Quinn puts the
Hawks on the board. An absolute rocket past Murray. Let’s go, Teo! Here’s a rush ahead. And another goal scored. It is now 6 to 0 in
favor of the Hawks. Now, Tanner has it again. He puts on the brakes. Tanner, a little of separation. He tries to get a shot off. And it ends up in the net. The Penmen have
gotten on the board. It is now 6 to 1. Now, we mentioned two players
before the game, Zach Tanner and Xavier Quinn. And you look. Tanner just being
aggressive here. Not really getting
the most open shot, but he fires one and gets
it in the back of the net. The Penman within five now. 20 assisted by number 22, Ryan. And pass intercepted. Here’s a chance the other way
potentially for the Penmen. Out. Short side. He shoots and scores! The Penmen desperately
needed that as Tom Schutz finds the back of the net. The Penmen are back
to within five. It is 7-2. The Penmen still
have possession. They trail. A short side chance. And they finally put
one past Richard. Tanner didn’t hold
back on that one. Let’s get a look. Right after he picks the ball
up here after the stoppage, he just takes it all
the way by himself. He beats the defender,
cuts the edge. And right over the
left shoulder there. The Penman still down six,
but that’s a big, big goal there to get back into this. Have a 10-second
man-up opportunity. Fed out in front. Shoots and score! Great feed out in front. And Zach Tanner with
his third on the night. And the Penman are
back to within six. It’s 10 to 4. And a flag is thrown here
right after the goal. So the Penman might
also be a man up here, or two men up, actually,
as there’s 5 seconds left on the other penalty. But that worked just the
way the Penman wanted it to. It’s Shoemaker once more. Shoemaker puts on the brakes. Nice feed for Sweeney. He shoots and scores! Patrick Sweeney. A rocket there from
Sweeney right past Brawley. And it is now 15 to 4. Here’s Barchard. Tanner. Tanner. Short side jam. And he scores. That’s something
the Penmen are going to wish they did
a little bit more tonight as Tanner
scores just the way he did earlier in this game. That basically allowed–
that was an opening that the Hawks took advantage. The Penman are able to
get one back, though. It is now 18 to 8, as I believe
it was Cole Jacobsen– yes, it was– who put it past Hart. We’ll keep possession. Game over. Saint Anselm is able to handle
the Southern New Hampshire Penmen 18 to 8. And with this win, they
will get themselves 2 points in the Queen City Cup. That’ll put–

David Frank