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HIGHLIGHTS | Ole Miss Volleyball vs. UCF 2-3 (09/01/19)

[upbeat music] Welcome inside the
Gillom Center here on Day Three of the 2019
Rebel Invitational. We got a great one for you
on the SEC Network Plus as Ole Miss hosts UCF. Thompson again power
swing. One hand. Pop up by the setter Olson. Sabol rejected by Warnell! Bair huge hammer of a
swing on the near side! Rebels goin’ outside
to Stroup again. She’ll tip. Great
effort by Pass. Bars back to Stroup. And the First Set goes
to the Ole Miss Rebels! Going one-and-one after
their win against Ole Miss yesterday. But Bair continues
this run for Ole Miss on the outside. …match. They need
her to contribute more. Much like Lauren Bars there. Fooled everybody, lined up
and slammed it to the floor. You can draw
parallels all around. Yeah. Absolutely. Thompson calls off
Warnell; here’s a set. Second attacker is Stroup and that’s how
they’ll end the set! … around. A textbook attacker. Looks just like you would. Demonstrate how you’re
supposed to attack! Emily Stroup not
far off from that. Bars back row for Ole
Miss. That’s a tough float. Taken by Melville. Second attacker Chambers
blocked back into the floor no one’s there! Thompson with the tip.
Chambers with the first ball. Melville, cross-court. Sent
out of play by Purcell. UCF not done yet! Erin Olson. Sultemeier! Hammers it down! …extra challenge. Olson going out
outside to Melville. We’re playing a fifth
set here at Oxford! …performance for her here
today on the right side. We’ve talked about those aren’t
your primary pin hitters. But they need to be
able to be consistent. [crowd cheers] And a service error will end it. Sultemeier too much gas on
the serve and UCF with an incredible come-from-behind
victory in five sets. They win the fifth 15-10!

David Frank



  1. JTRebel42 Posted on September 1, 2019 at 8:13 pm

    Hotty toddy gosh almighty! Go rebels

  2. eddie c Posted on September 2, 2019 at 4:49 pm

    This team is bad going be a long season