April 2, 2020
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Highlights: Women’s Lacrosse Overcomes Nine-Goal Second-Half Deficit to Top Saint Michael’s, 22-20

You’re looking live at Penmen
Stadium in Hooksett, New Hampshire, where the SNHU
women’s lacrosse team looks to snap a five-game losing
streak versus the Saint Michael’s Purple Knights. Now side of the net. Now look. Purple Knights will
try a wraparound play. Fed out right in
front, and they score. Purple Knights
finally break through, as it’s Ashley Turner
beating Olansky. Back behind the net, finds
its way out in front. Here’s Wilder
shooting and scoring. Kristin Wilder ties the game. And the Penmen back
to even, it’s 1-1. Yeah, Matt, we talked
about it last game and we talked about it
right before this one. Wilder a big factor. And you saw there– The jog ahead. It finds its way
to Wilder again. Wilder fed in the middle
to Bedell, Bedell shoots and scores. Kristin Wilder
feeds Alexa Bedell, and the Penmen take the lead. It’s 2-1. Well the second leading
offensive scorer, Southern New Hampshire, now
registered a goal right after Wilder, just
seconds after. And we’ll see. Clean feed ahead for Wilder. Wilder shoots and scores. Kristin Wilder, a great
individual effort. And the Penmen take the lead. It’s 3-2. Well, Wilder’s one step
closer to that hat trick we mentioned that she had four
out of the last five games. And you saw there
another bouncer goal. Low throw. And Felt is able to
grab the ground ball. Yeah, big field position
for Southern New Hampshire off that turnover. Finds its way to Wilder. Wilder shoots and scores. Kristin Wilder, the hat trick. And that stops the
Purple Knights’ run. Penmen are back to within 5. It’s 10-5. We mentioned this the
beginning of the game. Kristin Wilder coming in here,
four of the last five games registering a hat trick. And she does it again. Wilder with goal number
40 on the season. Here’s Dineen. Dineen takes it into the arc. Dineen shoots and scores. Ashley Dineen, her
fourth of the game. And now the Purple Knights
increase their lead to 9. Goes to Bedell,
who feeds Wilder. Wilder shuffling back,
feeds Bedell in front. Bedell shoots and scores! Kristin Wilder to Alexa Bedell. And the Penmen get one back. It is now 16-9. This is almost replicating
the Southern Connecticut game. We mentioned the back and
forth match-up literally right off the draw controls. This has been the
back and forth. Wilder, top of the
pole mesh into Bedell, into the arc to Felt.
Felt shoots and scores! Alexis Felt. And the Penmen
are back to within 6. Yeah. One point at a time has
been the motto so far. And you see Felt,
identical spot to where Bedell buried the ninth goal. Felt chips in goal number 10. Side of the net is Felt.
Felt inside the arc. Felt shoots and scores. Alexis Felt brings the
Penmen back to within 6. It’s now 17-11. Yeah. Putnam having difficulties
now on a stretch where all the shots on
goals have been successful for Southern New Hampshire. And Putnam not
able to locate it. Wilder into the fan, puts on
the brakes and finds Harrington. Harrington shoots
and goes top shelf. And the Penmen are
back to within 5. It is now 17-12. Yeah, what a nice catch and shot
from Merry Harrington, using her 5′ 10″ frame over the Saint
Mike’s defender, going over and then under for the goal. –goes to Wilder. Wilder out in front. They score. Alexa Bedell brings the Penmen
back, and it is now 18-14. Again, you see the
nice sequence there. Bedell hitting the,
I believe, the bottom left corner of the net. And now you got the four
goal difference here, 18-14. Here’s Bedell. Out in front for
Wilder, and she scores. Kristin Wilder, right
on the doorstep. And the Penmen are
back to within 4. It is now 19-15
with 10:01 to go. You saw her on the free
position, looked like she lost possession to the right. Purple Knights, here’s Wilder
trying to spin herself free. Harrington can’t control. Out in front, shot, score! The Penmen are back
to within 3, as I believe it was either Kennedy
Daziel or Alexis Felt. I think it was going to be
Daziel in front of the net. She was the last one there. And you’ll get a
look at this play. Inside the arc,
puts on the brakes. Now, inside shot, score! Kennedy Daziel. And the Penmen are
back to within 1. It is now 19 to 18
with 6:23 to go. 5:18 to go. Bedell in on goal. Bedell, shoots and scores! This game is tied! The Penmen come back from
down 9 and tie it at 19. What a sequence of
events coming back. And you see there, you see
there on the free position. And that’s what’s really
driven back in this game, Matt. What a story, comeback here. Taking it to the top
of the formation. Wilder, into the arc. Wilder, score! Kristin Wilder has given
the Penmen the lead back. It is now 20 to 19
with 4:51 to go. Watch this play
by Kristin Wilder. Wilder tears her stick free. And a low shot, and it
finds its way past Chin. Felt takes a shove. Inside the arc, Felt
shoots and scores! Alexis Felt makes it
a three-goal game. The Penmen now lead 22
to 19 with 1:28 to go. And you saw there the nice feed
to Felt that she has been– 3, 2, and the Southern New
Hampshire Penmen complete one of the great comebacks
you’ll see all year, coming back from down 9. They win this game 22 to 20.

David Frank