March 28, 2020
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HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Brown leads lacrosse over Mountaineers

Brown re-enters the box he has a short pole on him Evan Falkowski quick pass on top dunks and scores Aslanian he’s on that ground ball it went off a blue stick and now we got the ball Aslanian gets loose underhand shot and score coming out front now Frank Brown looks to create with a left hand carry he can score with either hand leans on his man goes back right and drills it for the goal number 70 of Frank Brown’s career a long pole on him that is Daniel Barber trying to run through him out front left fires and scores he just used a little half screen from Spallanzani comes out front right turns back thought about it goes behind to Donnelly out front Tanner John full extension and that knocks the net about three yards back score in front now Aslanian and doubles back right shoots and save Vierheller rebound goes score Eric Holden The rebound goal to tie it up Here’s Brown running middle he wants to create one overhand shot, score! Top of the net, Frank Brown Hobart’s in front Pass up quick transition to Willman and he will check up Willman lost the ball in front here’s Scott he’ll shoot and score! Justin Scott puts Hobart in front by 2 Holden, middle of the box he’ll pass to the right hand side Romm extension score! Max Romm full overhead crank and it’s 9-7 Burr gets it in transition down to Scott defense settles it Scott backdoor pass, Brown runs it score! Frank Brown, unsettled goal We’ll update you on the Frank Brown career watch here when we get a chance Frank’s got a five point day going Pass middle, Romm wide open shot score! Max Romm came off the bench and was not picked up right hand goal post six point game going, 4 goals 2 assist curls left, turns shoots and scores! From a top angle on the left flip back in the middle of Justin Scott, reverse pass left, Hancock full extension, score! They’re reversing the ball beautifully, Hancock just smoked that In behind for Frank Brown, 4 goals 2 assist for Frank today And he may not be done yet Goal post left, score! Another ridiculous angle goal by Frank Brown And it’s 15-8 I’ve been shooting a lot this year and Coach Raymond just kept telling me to keep shooting, keep shooting. And today everything was falling Good break The way that Frank’s grown from a mentors stand point a leaders stand point His communication to our guys his maturity is outstanding On all three facets, his ability to play, his ability to play discipline, his ability to lead he makes us go, he makes our offense go I think our guys depend on him a ton I think he provides strength And provides some mental toughness and physical toughness I mean we love him, he’s our leader and our best player and he had a great game

David Frank