April 6, 2020
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  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Lacrosse beats Bryant 13-6

Feeds back right now. Justin Scott
looks to get his hands-free on the crease tipped and score! It was a pass that went in the goal. … middle, Darden hangs on. Quick pass in the crease, bouncing shot, picked up by Holden, who scores! His shot was short of the goal. Holden grabs up the hop and dumps it home 2-0 Hobart. They
say he’s a middie but he really isn’t playing like one. Ball knocked away, stolen out of his stick. Willman comes up with the ball, I think it was Andreen who took it away. That’ll be a caused turnover
Andreen. Here’s a running chance for Hobart coming right down Broadway,
Stanny Gilbertson. He’ll feed right at the last second on the crease, Scott
scores! Scott from Aslanian and a flag. a little jump pass in behind for
Donnelly. Right to Flood. Flood, high pass over the top. Dunk, score! Justin Scott set
up on the right hand side man up goal and Hobart takes a 4-1 lead. Massa and
Spallanzani, they lock up. 180. Moeller runs in and it comes out the back door
right to Spallanzani. Spallanzani down Broadway, tripped, shoots, scores! And a flag. so the left hand carry. Scott one-on-one
with his man, gets inside him. Scott sidearm shot score. Oh. … right to Eric
Holden out of Sudbury, Mass., the first year runs middle, left to right off his
man fires, scores! What a great fake by Eric Holden, his
second of the day to make it 7-2. Aslanian lefty carry. Right for Brown. Sidearm shot, stick hit, bouncing loose, picked up by Donnelly, score!
Donnelly and a flag. Transition chance, James feeds the trailer out front shot Jackson Brown easy. Comes down the alley left-hand side cuts back middle, Quigley to the goal, shoots
bouncer save Jackson Brown to his knees, ball hacked up in the air. Caught on the
crease and Andreen knocked Buonaiuto flat and picked it up. Romm off the
screen, one-on-one, feeds Darden. Darden tough angle now tries to get a better
angle does and scores! Darden didn’t have a good angle so he improved it. … on the
left-hand side now running middle Kennedy shifts hands, shoots. Jackson
Brown the save. Rebound bounces right back to Kennedy. … middle wants to get the arms free if he can John fires and save made by Werner, four saves. Intercepted by Tanner John. Intercepted the clearing pass. John to Donnelly, score! Burr cuts right to the goal, around guy, shot hit the crossbar. Brown, score! On the rebound. … sophomore, I don’t think he scored last year. Pass on the crease. Aslanian rips it and scores!

David Frank