January 22, 2020
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  • 5:56 am GVSSR – 04/02/2018 – Lacrosse vs. Indianapolis, McKendree
HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Lacrosse doubles up Cornell

he will feed goalie left to
Donnelly Donnelly has an angle passed back door instead lefty shot score
Justin Scott from the right let’s fly number six of the Year Hobart scores
first he comes down the alley it’s Hancock in front holds a shoots
actually was Scotty missed just wide quick back up Aslanian he wants to catch
him Aslanian grabs the ball quickly to Romm Romm scores, what a great play by Aslanian 23 more seconds pass Romm
overhand extensions score man up goal Romm from Donnelly three nothing Brown
attacks the left-hand goal post out front left now Tanner John John huge
running middle John looks fakes gets inside overhand drill and score Tanner
John used his size and strength to make it 4-3 cross hand caught to Scott on
the right hand side he’s got a goal Scott all he’s thinking shot he’s got
the stick in position he’ll run out right gets the angles goes alone scores
5 hole Justin Scott my man but I’m not ready to shoot and this is Pedicine
and he gets hung up and picks it back up I don’t think he thought there was gonna
be a whistle he’ll come down the middle and you see need a brown brown cuts in front scores Brown from Pedicine off the faceoff win
out front left now bumped around Tanner John and running middle here’s that
bull rush again John open overhead extension score same
movies nifty step move goes to work on Scott Flynn he’ll go going left comes
out turnaround score Frank Brown and see this on the ride their Hancock was
left all alone up the middle of the field now to spot attacks the goal
shoots it scores right hand it it’s Romm it’s Max Romm with the hat
trick Darden Darden goes in behind here’s the pass over the top hard
extension score is not in out front he got free overhand extension and it’s 10
to 4 moves in behind for brown brown quick pass over the top three times a
charm Taylor John the hat-trick and again here
Aslanian and running in behind the net becomes goal post left doubles back
right pass on the crease one-time dunk puts to keep on him and behind now for
Frank Brown three goals to assist Brown coming out he goes back here and scores
back hands they have not forced any shots today
they’ve taken only good shots running to the goal now on their hands shot score
max Romm he pull makes a nice pass up to Aslanian, here’s Aslanian attacking
right hand go post you’ll see back Aslanian to donnelly 15 to 8 he shoot
here up by 7 with other six and a half to play behind the goal Scott comes
goalpost right back hand score justin Scott does it 3 minutes somebody check and make sure it
keeps running Jack shoots body save Jackson brown chase on far side up
now we’re down to 1:46 and an 8 goal lead we wait a long time for this
curling out front shot Sam Jackson brown off Connor Fletcher

David Frank