March 29, 2020
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  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Lacrosse downs Mount St. Mary’s

It was a good game, just you know a lot of
respect for Mount Saint Mary’s. They’re great team so you know we knew we needed to bring
it today and you know I thought we we played great all around the field. Our
defense you know really had one of the best games of the year and you know our
offense was just you know being really unselfish and you know flowing well together so. It was awesome. Chris is, when we talk about, we talk
about leaders, we talk about teammates, we talk about behavioral development,
and all the things that we do day-to-day, you know Chris is, Chris defines that
stuff for us, but if you just listen to our offense, I mean Chris directs the
ball constantly. He he finds matchups constantly, he the one play he made I
mean he’s got six points but he comes up and gets that that clearing pass or that
that under duress pass from our pole he takes on a triple team, runs by all
those guys, doesn’t force any passes, uses his legs, he’s tired as all heck, and then
we pop with him and throw back, Ryan Archer throws back to him and he steps in and buries it, dog tired. You know so that’s the type of kid Chris
is. The culture here is just unbelievable, everyone has the same mentality going into
these games, going into these practices, going into life, and we all have the same
values and it’s so awesome when that all comes together and a team comes all
together like that. It was gonna be kind of a grinder, you know, you’re not
gonna get a ton of clean wins but you’re gonna beat this kid as long as you focus
on your exits and some things. So Matt that that’s the smartest faceoff game Matt’s
had. You know just in terms of not just coming in raw, beating the guy, exiting
wherever. He just he thought he I thought he I thought he outplayed that kid from
a mental perspective and an intelligence perspective. So for him to break these
records on a day when he’s probably had his his most effective game from a from
a mature, experienced standpoint is a special thing. So you deserve what you
earn, Matt, Matt’s earned all these accolades. He’s great at what he does.
It’s meant the world to me, you know I’ve played with you know just a lot of great
guys and you know it’s just been it’s been an awesome experience here. We know we got
a really talented group this year and a special group so you know, I love playing
with those guys. And, you know, it just it just it’s been
really special playing on this coaching staff first and foremost, you know, it’s
why I came here and they just created such good culture and you know a lot
of the guys have just bought in this year. So, you know, I just couldn’t be happier
with this this year’s group and you know I’m just gonna look forward to
continuing this momentum. It’s very special it’s it’s a it’s been
hard to kind of hold back my emotion, to be honest with you. This is this is our
coaching staff’s first full recruiting class. The class last year we had about
half of those guys, but this is the first class where we’re responsible for
bringing them all to campus. So they’ve been with us for four years, so made the
decision to come play for us, made the decision to come play for Hobart, to buy
into the dramatic changes we made to our culture and the way that we do things
day-to-day, and and its really paying off man. I mean, you know, there’s there’s
there’s a lot of love in this group and and for these guys because of just how
much we’ve been through together. So um we didn’t talk about senior day or
senior week once this whole week because I knew I would have made too big of a
deal out of it and it would have put too much pressure on them and put too much
pressure on our team. But it was hard not to, I mean these guys are family, they are
they’re guys that we trust, they’re guys that we love, and they’re guys that have have
done a very good job at molding this program into something very respectable.

David Frank