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House of Pickleball in Leland, NC | North Carolina Weekend | UNC-TV

– [Debra] We call it The
Hop, The House of Pickleball. Which is kind of catchy. Let’s go to The Hop
and all that. [laughs] – [Richard] This is the
largest pickleball population in the state. And one of the largest in
the south east right here in our Kayfury. I’ve played in a
lot of tournaments throughout the south east. Every thing seemed to be pickleball was
a secondary venue. It was a basketball center,
a volleyball center, I just felt like we could
build a better mouse trap. I took pictures
and a tape measurer and a notebook in
every place I went from two to three
years before that and kinda down what I didn’t
like and what I did like. And then I consulted with
a couple of the top players in pickleball about getting
the surface just right. The key to this
facility is the surface. ‘Cause we got nine layers
of rubber underneath the painting on top. People love the surface. – [Jan] The ball is just like an old wiffle ball that
you might of heard of with a bat and ball which
kids used to play with. A different number of holes, a different surface
a little bit, but basically that’s all it is. And the paddle is much
like a racquetball paddle. – I don’t think the
game is hard to learn, the scoring is hard to learn. You get confused. – [Jan] You only
score when you serve. So you serve, if you win
the point, you get a point, if you lose the point,
you lose your serve, and somebody else serves. If I’m the second server
and I lose my serve, that means the other
team’s gonna serve next. If I’m the first server
and lose my serve, that means my partner’s going
to serve the next round. – It’s a great social sport. I’m happy that it’s growing
because I think it’s great for us, being in
a new community. For only about a year. We’ve met a lot of nice people through playing pickleball here. – [Richard] We set
up times of play. Where beginners play together, 3.0 players play together. People like playing with
people of similar ability. And they have fun. – [Jan] People can come
out in their first day and after ten minutes,
they’re hitting the ball, and they’re laughing
and they’re having fun. And that’s the whole thing here is to have people get
exercise and be social. – [Debra] My mind and
reflexes have gotten good. My legs have gotten stronger. The rest of me, no
telling. [laughs] – [Niel] I think the
greatest part is that there’s a lot of chatter,
there’s a lot of buzz about it. People are excited about
pickleball in Leland. We’ve heard of people
that have moved here because of Pickleball, because
hey I’ve seen that you have this pickleball facility. We’re growing tremendously fast. The year 2000 we
had 2,000 people. Today we have almost
22,000 people. And just this past
year Brunswick County’s the fourth fastest growing
county in the country. Leland’s the fastest
growing town there. In the state in the last
year, we were the seventh fastest growing as far as
just pure numbers of people who have moved in, so we’re
up there with the Charlottes, the Raleighs, the Carys,
life is good here. Life’s good in Leland. – How does it go? “Field of Dreams” says,
“Build it and they will come.” We actually built it
hoping they would come and they have come. It’s been very good. – [Deborah] The
House of Pickleball is at 115 Kay Todd Road
southeast in Leland. That’s in Brunswick County. And they’re open every day
from eight a.m. to nine p.m. For more information,
give them a call at 910-253-7780 or visit them online at

David Frank



  1. Greg Smith Posted on October 3, 2019 at 2:33 pm

    HOP is an excellent indoor facility that has excellent management that is growing the sport. The surface is superb! The players are friendly. HOP makes it easy to find a fun game at your level of play. The only improvement would be to use the Dura ball for the 4.0+ sessions. I am not a fan of the ball they use. At any rate. This is a top notch facility and worth a visit!