October 21, 2019
  • 5:17 pm Lincoln health officials seeing unprecedented number of whooping cough cases
  • 5:17 pm News Conference: Rhode Island, Duke, Villanova, Alabama – Preview
  • 5:17 pm Nevenhoven hoping for a big October finish to the tennis season
  • 5:17 pm tennis racket stringing: advanced tips + how to use a single clamp machine
  • 5:17 pm This or That: David Kisiel (GCU Volleyball)
How to Bounce an AFL Football

Hey everybody I’m Jack. I’m here to teach you how to bounce an Australian Football League ball correctly. So the first step is getting into position. You want to hit the ball around there. So your hands sort of have to… So these are called laces. You want your hand, your thumbs, to be around the third lace with your hands around to the edges, the quarter edges. And then, when you’re letting go of the ball, you’re sort of pushing with your preferred hand and letting go with your non-preferred hand. If you bounce it wrong, it will go coo-coo. To the left, to the right, up….

David Frank