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How to Choose a Tennis Racquet

[intro music]>>Joey Lancianese: Hey everyone. I’m Joey Lancianese from DICK’S Sporting
Goods. I’m here with Michael Schaeffer who’s
the global product lines manager for Wilson Tennis. And we’re here in Chicago Illinois at Wilson’s
innovation lab. Today Michael’s going to talk us through
how to choose the right tennis racquet for your game.>>Michael Schaeffer: So, there are really
three main areas that we suggest players look at when they’re trying to pick a tennis
racquet. The first is head size. So generally, the larger head size, the more
power you get. The smaller the head size, the more control
you get. So, if someone is new to the game, we definitely
recommend a larger head size. Someone’s who’s played a lot of tennis
before and has more of a comfort level playing tennis, we’d recommend a smaller head size.>>Schaeffer: When it comes to weight, it’s
all about what a player can handle. Generally, the heavier the racquet, the more
power the racquet’s providing because there’s more mass behind the ball. And the lighter it is, it’s easier to move. So, if you’re playing a lot of doubles,
maybe you want a lighter racquet because you’re going to spend more time at the net. If you’re playing more singles, you want
to hit the ball through the court. Generally, you would look for a slightly heavier
racquet.>>Schaeffer: And the last aspect is grip size. So, when we suggest what grip size to use,
we generally go by the rule of thumb that when you hold the racquet as a forehand, there
should be a about a finger to a pencil’s width between your fingers and your palm. So those are the three main factors for picking
a racquet. And if you follow those steps, you’ll be
able to find the best racquet for your game.>>Lancianese: Whether you’re just starting
out or playing in tournaments competitively, pick up the right racquet that feels the best
for you at DICK’S Sporting Goods and swing away. [outro music]

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