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HOW TO GET SUCCESSFUL BLOCKS!!!  SOMETIMES… | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 19

Spike Volleyball Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming Career Mode PS4 Xbox One Steam PC Volleyball Video Game Gameplay Yes Guy Spike Volleyball yep and uh-oh successful blog yes I went
so early there and it worked yes come on hello and welcome back to chess guy game
we’re back plants Pike volleyball and thank you to everybody who participated
in the poll I sent oh sorry for they’re not being many videos last week it’s
been a busy week here at yes guy gaming but hopefully you were back recording
and get some more videos out to you guys thank you again for everybody for taking
part of the poll if I’m gonna put it maybe up what is it up here okay maybe
up here alright I don’t know where but it’s gonna be up there somewhere the
results spike volleyball overwhelmingly the most fun video to watch on this
channel so here we are back in spike volleyball I’m not even on the main menu
I’m losing focus but thank you guys so much for joining me you haven’t already
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comment enjoy the video yeah let yeah here we go
size matters get a good look at that get a good look at that size definitely
matters look at this the size of this huge stage of this tournament shut up
with a match that once we are definitely skipping that okay Canada versus Finland
in the next stage in the tournament okay so this is after the patch you guys you
didn’t see the patch episode click that thing up there or the thing and the just
quick a thing if you didn’t see the patch episode I’m gonna start off with
the big rip from Reza down the line there oh you want our bed I’m gonna
listen oh there’s a jig set the big guy and go for a huge bounce kidding me no
block absolutely that is straight down suck it boys
let’s go what was I even saying who cares I got distracted by that massive
best oh yeah I’m gonna try to get some successful blocks now I don’t like the
blocking timing but I’m still gonna try for it wait wait wait and up oh is that
too late baby it is sharp come on that guy I got a high above the
net es that guy’s getting like his head over the antenna are you kidding me he’s
touching like 13 feet I won’t take it take a rip here Reza let’s go outside
okay maybe a little bit earlier on the block and oh I touched it but it went
way out okay like it’s just confusing the blocking
timing should I go like way early I’ll try way early next I don’t know
we’ll figure it out there’s a pass run the middle bounce it buddy
yes only dolphin is based feel it Punk time sorry hi it’s gonna size matters in
there size matter better alright Moreau down the line buddy take a rip gosh I’m
losing my touch purposes serious that wasn’t it just
look like he just patted in it nobody moved nobody moved it all for that what
are they thinking see if I can do it again harder this time I’ll seize on
that one though okay we’ll go way early oh it’s in the middle see I don’t bother
block in the middle okay Taylor East sucks bounce it he’s good all of a
sudden yes I just want to confirm that this is on hard the career difficulty is
on hard did you see it right there it is on hard difficulty I’m not messing
around with anything and this is what’s happening
alright here we go on the row I’ll sit that ace again whoa
that was aggressive ah shoot alright I got it I got a trap a new
serve man like that spinners just – I don’t know woah what are these guys
doing Finland get your shit together let’s try
a short static hit that middle guy there that went really deep yep and up Oh
successful walk yes oh it’s so early there and it worked yes come on yeah yes
come on alright oh I I just ripped by habit
sorry I went to the rip by habit that’s okay he’s going back we’re gonna get
another all in the middle what was my guy doing back there set that guy okay
bouncy oops like midair I’m wondering what to
do which I do bounce it obvious alright short sir yes no effect whatsoever yeah
end up gosh it’s guys gonna bounce up let’s go really frickin sharp Wow good
stuff look at that see not quite inside the attack line though pretty impressive
but I’m looking for one inside the attack line let’s go even way shorter
really short no still deep we’re just guessing or that guy oh it’s in the
middle again these guys suck what is happening my accuracy is a hundred
percent I have not missed an attack I’ve had seven perfect serves really get
it together voice alright what’s this guy’s name
BBB is it a bit maybe I don’t know I it’s all jumbled there
what’s the sir it’s gonna whoa get a poet serve short sorry guys I did the
same thing I did with the static serve but this time the guy served it right
into the net what Kolsch here we go pass up that guy
ripped it jump over there oh he’s on it okay way early on this I got it
yeah set back she kind of sharp just the Cuddy put the help on the net flipper
coach will like that hey coach you see that net flipper there
yeah you like that a bot I’m gonna power I gotta find the inside the attack line
I will find it static surf at the net flipper Oh where’s it going probably
this way yeah I’m early and down oh that was really early whoo yeah that was that
was just a touch early this guy dug it though off his back then who’s playing
it right change up our tactics all right pass up it’s 11 4 really yeah Oh what
dude you were there what oh here we go yep
dump it oh no note of it this idiot does not jump set anything Wow Oh ah here we go jeans boys we let them
back not they’re not in the game but I gotta get one yeah there you go
set middle sure what is happening there uh I will take it but really look it
look it yeah what I tried to bounce it uh Taylor he’s the worst player on the
team just pop it in Taylor use nice sir buddy it’s going outside be early
oh they set pipe we’ll set the seat in it
Oh go outside up early that was way too early
Oh in a deep buddy Oh going outside time unfocused get up
early yes successful block come on up so early on that get out yeah ass although
I wanted one off the chest James alright float it Taylor great float going see
ball will block this up early on whoa it’s at the front row guy rotate on his
sharp buddy too sharp alright I’m fooling around completely is
it to set matches alright Oh balance it over here buddy off the net what you see
that dig by that guy though look at this hard you off the tape he’s there as if
he reacts to that he didn’t even touch it though come on
spike volleyball alright good Idol I want a floater over there yeah yeah yeah
okay going this way yeah early on him remember to get up early on it yeah
come on successful on for the sad Tanja’s how much human just poor Sam the
controller yeah all right coaches DJ le how he
wasn’t happy we didn’t get out in that flippers their size matters
alright coach will get you more than that flipper spot how about a rip over
into this corner that was aggressive hit it
just great start that looks good and a trading center he just runs right by it
nobody moves nobody’s moving for it alright how will we hit this sideline
now with a floater oh that was close why did those three guys at the front all
raise their hand like it was their fault it was a Miss sir they’re like aw yeah
my bad really really boys alright pass up oh I didn’t press the button dude I
did not press the button and the guy passed it and then the guy didn’t pass
it up ah alright I gotta quit fooling around like let’s get this done they
have a lead not good set Moreau back it is sharper oh yeah oh office space love
bouncing up off the guys space look at that block really boys they’re all like
equal different heights like anyway alright maybe a short look yeah Oh
trouble going back nope don’t block that it’s weak set this guy
why Oh buddy yeah up early on it oh there’s a jig set this front row guy
he’s got an approach bouncing this guy’s well above the antenna are
you kidding me Wow I yes thank you loving this guy and
the new patch making hitting a lot easier I’ll find that corner that’s the
seeker yes nice do it again yep Moreau’s got a great serve oldest guys
on it okay successful block here yep good dig set the pipe why who cares
jumbo hey going out here but whoa what the hell was that glad I made the dig
yes that was chard oh no replay I gotta save my best
bounces for when it’s not before five points that’s a sharp hit did you see
that set what what alright we’re back let’s hit that seeker perfect serve okay
here comes a successful block where is that guy going what Taylor if you hadn’t
stayed over there instead of going over there like an idiot you don’t want it
gosh why I’m hammering the trigger to get all those guys over there and then
the one guy goes back leave it listen Moreau I know you think you’re hot shit
but don’t even try to fake I said it like that oh I see some opening down
here found it great serve all sorts of trouble free ball yes what was that ace
I’ve never seen that before that’s back in the early days when I was
doing that okay here we go let’s sit him with a seeker now why not there’s some
trouble where’s it going just react here’s a dig who’s ready
nobody nobody’s in the back corner I’ll find it what I was aiming back corner
yeah up early on this guy where is the block there boys
how’s this what did I get that shit I thought for sure I got slammed I will
take can’t hit this middle guy penetrating in find him whoa that went
way deeper than I wanted oh I guess wrong oh yeah
have you ever seen an international pro player pound it out of bounds on no
block I mean maybe once ever yes shorty coming out here probably oh
he goes back yes I found the secret voice oh I just pressed the button
here’s the strap we’re gonna try it whoa we’re gonna trying to get the block
going the wrong way and hope they hit it out oh here comes a
bounce I’m gonna need a really frickin shark I was aiming like well inside the
attack line so that actually went deeper maybe I gotta like take a bit off the
pace and just move it real short dude yeah find that short serve that was deep
okay go back yeah you’re right there Murr Oh
okay tips it my block stands there like a bunch of idiots what are you guys
thinking okay yeah there we go yeah bounce it yeah that was totally my pad I
forgot to press the X button to hit it all right set him again and just hit
what what happened what the hell bounce it what is going on
all right run some metal action bounce it middle guy yes come on
that’s a bounce love that he’s not up that high guys barely getting his hair
over there when the right side guys like way up over the antenna okay oh just pop
it in easy going front row that’s a free ball
I’ll run middle on that shit alright alright alright it is short yeah find that okay going
going left side let’s get a successful BA the right side just let them eat it
out of balance really boys how many times you can hit
out of balance with a no block let’s leave them no block on anybody no block
just don’t block I’m ready for the ding there it set the C ball why
who cares bounce it oh we dug it alright successful block come on
gosh nice cut by that guys hit it sharp buddy yes that’s it did you steal yes in
the game come on same celia’s every match that it was a beat-down but now
I’ve got some events to see through maybe I’m gonna get a better setter I
put a bunch of consultants here he better be good fingers crossed no strong
points Kevin Lynn he better be good I don’t care if he doesn’t have any strong
points if he’s not better than this other seller I’m gonna be pissed
alright let’s check this guy out Lynn is he good or not Kevin Lynn 74 74 overall
it’s got a great float 90 overall setting is 78 okay I’m not really sure
how setting comes into play in this game I haven’t really noticed it I don’t know
let’s check it out okay my sitter 72 overall so the new guy
is definitely better this guy setting is also 78 overall so not gonna see much
improvement in the setting but I will sub know for sure I’m always down to
take a guy out Reza you’re gone bud well put Ran’s back in sorry rez you’re
coming right back out though for Kevin Lynn our guys well that’s gonna do it
for this episode of spike volleyball I gotta thank you guys so much for
watching I appreciate all the comments and positive feedback that you guys
thanks again to everybody who voted in the poll
I love playing this game I know it’s maybe not gotten the best reception but
I think if we keep pushing and keep showing that we love this game and we
want to see stuff like this black sheep and Big Ben games we’ll take that into
consideration hopefully and make some patches for this game keep updating it
maybe work on a sequel that would be awesome
really get some positive volleyball game fives going on in triple-a in this type
of environment that would be a lot of fun so I’m gonna keep this going thank
you guys for watching and stick it all the way through if you haven’t already
hit that subscribe button would really really appreciate it that really trying
to make this channel the best that it possibly can be and it’s come a long way
and I hope to take it keep taking it further and just really see you know how
many people out there love volleyball and love video games and love some of
the other stuff that’s going on this channel and so if you’ve got any friends
or anybody you think would be would love to be a part of this channel in the
community let them know send that on I’d be happy to make videos comments all
that stuff really looking to connect with you guys because really you guys
are the ones that making all this happen so thank you so much I’m really
appreciative and well that’ll do it for this episode so we hope to see you next
time on yes guy gaming Spike Volleyball Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming Career Mode PS4 Xbox One Steam PC Volleyball Video Game Gameplay Yes Guy Spike Volleyball

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