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How To Improve Tennis Focus

Do you coach a sport but also compete and
when you go to competition you feel a little bit out of place? Hi, I’m Dr. Patrick Cohn, in this video I’m
going to talk about how you can feel like you belong when you go and compete. Your watching sessions with Doc and this
is my new series on mental toughness in sports. So here’s the question that I
received from Rick. He said “I’m a tennis coach and I also compete in local and
national tournaments, occasionally, but most of the time when I start the match
I play timid tennis. I feel strange as if I don’t belong on the court. How can I learn to be more mentally tough and feel
like I should be there?” well Rick the first question that I would
want to ask you is what happens when you play timid tennis because that’s
different for different people. In other words, are you afraid of unforced errors
you afraid of making mistakes are you afraid double-faulting do you focus on
all the negatives on the on the don’ts and what not to do or do you just not
player normal game you just hit it down the center of the court you know hoping that your opponent is
going to miss and you don’t really go for your approach shots or you don’t go
to the net when you have the opportunity to go to the net. So is it more of a
mindset change for you or is it more of the tactics and I’m going just for the
sake of this video I’m going to assume it’s a little of each that number one you’re
changing your tactics you’re playing a little bit more safe and then also timid
to me timid tennis means you’re afraid to make mistakes and hit out on
the ball now as far as going out and feeling strange part of that may be
because you’re more comfortable in the coaching position you said you only
compete occasionally so part of that may be the issue in other words if you’re
only competing three times a year you’re gonna feel like a fish out of water so
one of the answers is maybe you need to compete a little bit more on the local
level so you feel more comfortable when you go into those national tournaments
and that’s always a problem for instructors and coaches is they’re always
working hard with their students and their athletes and it’s hard
for you to carve out time for yourself to go and do those things so that may be
part of it to the other part is you have to ask yourself before you step on the
court and say, “did I pay my entry fee?” well I guess you did if you’re there so
I can only then do I deserve to be here yes did you qualify for that national
tournament based on your ranking yes then you deserve to be there so you have
to convince yourself you have to find ways to convince yourself that you
belong there you deserve to play at that level
especially if you qualified for that. the other part of that is playing timid
tennis you know what I’m going to say I’m going to say go out there with your tactics
and play aggressive tennis in other words make it your goal and make it your your
small objective to go out there and play aggressive tennis because you know your
tendency is to play timidly so basically you want to fight that with tactics
mental tactics such as ok what are you gonna do to play more aggressive tennis
hey when I have a short ball I’m going for I’m going for the kill I’m going for
the put away or hey when I get drawn up to the net I’m not gonna retreat I’m gonna go
and I’m gonna go up there and I’m gonna volley and you know what I’m not going to
just get in this blooper on my second serve I’m gonna go for my second serve
so you have to define what aggressive tennis is you have to see yourself
playing more aggressively through your visualization your pre-match
visualization set that up in your mind but when you step on thay court absolutely have to know that you belong
there you deserve to be there just like any other player in the
tournament regardless of you only play in a few of these things thanks for your question good luck with
your game. Hey if you want more videos and you’re not a subscriber yet to mindset
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