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How To Jump Higher In Volleyball Fast For Beginners!

shoots straight up and absorbed that
landing don’t just like alright what’s up guys it’s aaron from how to use and
today I’m going to show you how to jump higher for volleyball at home obviously
that you can use this for any sport but specifically I’m targeting volleyball so
so it’s really really about the approach to start I’ll start off with the
approach when you’re in volleyball your approach is something like right left
right left and then fire up alright so you want to you want to use your arms a
lot your arms are a big part of it I see a lot of people not really
tucking their arms and they don’t get that much height so so you want to use
your arms as much as you can and you want to you know go down pretty far but
not like super far where you’re like squatting and then jumping but or not
too low where you’re like just like this but just like a good balance where
you’re like go right up and then what you want to do to increase the height of
your once you have the approach down once you have the approach down you have
your arms swinging and you go down to the good height once you have that down
hi you want to warm up properly warming up actually does a big part is a
big part of it like when I don’t warm up I can’t jump as high plus you’re going
to be able to jump jump longer if you warm up properly you’re not going to
want to just like do a full-on jump without warming up alright so warm up
properly with some like high knees some the buck kickers
some just frog jumps like this and just like warm up properly
all right another tip is to do deadlifts and squats get your deadlifts and squats
up I guarantee you if you get your deadlifts and squats up you’re gonna be
able to jump higher and because deadlifts are the exact movement as
jumping it’s the exact same thing so like you know well you can also do
bandage then lift where you like have a band and just like do it fast
get that explosiveness but those are like some of the top tips on how to jump
higher especially for volleyball but for all sports so I’ll show you how high I
can jump I don’t train really for jumping honestly I don’t really train
for jumping high but I have a decent I’ve had a decent vertical so so yeah so
right left right left and fire up so you shoot straight up and absorb that
landing don’t just like playing straight up all right
so that’s how to jump higher for a volleyball in volleyball for at home you
know you can do this you can you know practice your approach anywhere you go
I’ll talk to you guys later thank you so much for watching click the link in the
description for a backflip ebook we just made a backflip ebook you want to learn
the backflip it’s just sick trick and yes god bless have a great day

David Frank



  1. MAH Vlogs Posted on February 14, 2019 at 7:32 pm

    Does bending your legs in the air help?

  2. Nikita Dobbs Posted on February 15, 2019 at 4:18 am

    I just came from ur 6 pack vide in 3 mins. Oof u look like a different person

  3. OFFICIAL KRISTAPS Posted on February 15, 2019 at 10:31 pm

    As a volleyball player i agree to all the points except the aproach. Its 3 steps and its left right left and explode up. Good vid