October 21, 2019
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How To Make A D.I.Y. Shoe Storage Rack – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

I’m sure this is a pretty common sight for
most people’s homes, a pile of shoes with no place for them to go. I’m gonna show you how to make a shoe storage
unit. Taking a pile of shoes and giving them a fantastic
display. These are the tools and materials I’m gonna
need. It’s gonna be a tiered unit with four shelves
starting with a small one at the top down to the much bigger one at the bottom. We had the shelves pre-cut at Bunnings, we
just need to make a few more additional cuts. I want my legs to form an A-frame so to start
I need to cut angles on top and bottom of all four pieces of my timber. I’ve laid my A-frame out as though it’s gonna
be when it’s standing up, and I need to measure out and figure out where the shelves are going
to go. Clamp your legs down, measure out and pre-drill
for the supports. To prevent splitting of the shelf supports,
pre-drill them then countersink so we can hide the screws later then screw them in. To create the capping, measure the distance
between the tops of your legs. We’ll transfer this onto the capping piece
and then we’ll bevel the edges to give it a nice fit. Measure and cut the piece to length. Attach the capping piece to the top of the
frame, pre-drill, countersink and then screw it into place. Putty off any screw holes, let it dry and
then give it a good sand. We’re also gonna sand the shelves, which we’ve
had pre-cut at Bunnings. After this is all done, we’re gonna give it
a coat of clear carbothane to protect it protect it and bring out the grain. And there we go, a shoe storage rack but really
can be used for anything. Let’s get it in the house and get some stuff
on it. My wife’s gonna love it. It’s turned her pile of shoes from this to
a beautiful display. The A-frame gives it a bit of a different
look and the hardwood timber makes it completely timeless. Rather than hiding your shoes away in the
bottom of a closet you can get them out and on display with your shoe storage rack.

David Frank