March 28, 2020
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How To Manage Your Entire Tennis Facility In One Place | Burbank Public Tennis Center

I’m Steve Starleaf I’m the founder and
owner of the Burbank Tennis Center. We started in 1992 and the idea what the
Burbank Tennis Center was to be a kind of a public tennis center, public country
club. To have a beautiful plant and facility but open to all. I was born and
raised six blocks from here, a product of a single mother without a lot of money
so we struggled but I loved tennis so we weren’t able to really afford much of
anything so I was what was called then a “park rat” I just came down here with a
dollar and don’t spend it too fast so the tennis center kind of was born out
of there and that’s how it actually ended up in this location because it’s
it’s local to me, it was in my thoughts and so uh it turned out real nicely. Been
here 27 years now, and I’m so happy that me and Mike are now managing the tennis
center with with the Kourts system, it’s fantastic. Really enhanced and expanded
our business and made an ease of operation. I always wanted to do that but
being from an old generation didn’t know how to do it. Previously members and
guests used to always book our group lesson programs through the front desk,
that was the only way to do it. We had people mail in their registrations, we
have people fax in their registration as previously as a year and a half ago, so
now that we have Kourts we’re encouraging everyone to download the app
and book these clinics. I can’t even tell you how much money we’ve probably lost
in the last five years due to the fact that we didn’t have a good accounting of
where our money was, what our registrations were, and what our signups
were. We even lost court time to people that would just come in and just jump on
a court. With Kourts were able to monitor where people are, we’re able to get them
on a court right away, we can see where they are, how much they might play, we can
tell how much – how often a player comes in. It’s helped us a lot actually with
our relationship with our membership and with just people just coming from out of
town. We tell them, we try to push everybody towards the app this
app will if we can’t answer the phone at the front desk you can always use the
app to book a court and that was actually one of our problems. We’d have
people call in we’re not able to pick up the phone for whatever reason and then
they can just use the app and book a court now whereas before they were just
stuck. They couldn’t. They’d keep calling keep calling so the app became like a
really like a godsend for us it’s really helped us. Before Kourts we used to have a
really primitive point-of-sale system it was literally a credit card machine
from a bank. Tt was really tough, for instance, if somebody mailed in a
registration we might not receive it for weeks and then the class has already
started and you know the registration doesn’t get there so they’re not in the
class. With Kourts it’s an instant registration so as soon as they sign up
they’re in the class which is great for us because we know how many people are
in the class and it’s not over full ever I feel like courts software was built
for tennis players by tennis players they understand everything you can go
through. They understand the coaches point of view. They understand the
members point of view, and they understand the general publics point of view.

David Frank