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How to Play Beach Volleyball in the Wind (PLAYING THE WIND EXPLAINED!)

Player back ready to serve
partners at the net and we got two players in serve receive so in this
example the server is serving into the wind but serving in the wind the safest
serve is to serve the ball directly into the wind. If you serve it from up here…
When you serve cross-court the winds gonna push it. If you serve it from this
side you serve it cross-court, the wind it gonna push it this way. In this
example, the wind is blowing cross-court. It’s better to serve the
ball from here towards the middle or maybe even down the line because the
ball is gonna be pushed across court. Another strategy would be to serve the ball
from here this direction, cross-court into the wind. And that can
keep the ball in the court. Serve cross-court and it’ll drop down into the court. A risky serve would be to serve the ball from this side the court
straight down the line. If you do that and the winds blowing
cross-court, the winds going to push it out of bounds. Now when the wind is blowing
the other direction cross-court this is the safer serve. To serve from this side
of the court, serve to the middle serve more a little bit down the line or to
the middle the court. Or serving from the middle, serve more to the middle.
Serve from here, serve this player and that will keep the ball in the court if
you’re going to serve from this side, be sure to serve cross-court into the wind.
You serve down the line the wind will push it out. In this example, the wind is at
the server’s back. So the serve could serve from anywhere along the
endline. It’s usually tougher to serve short when the wind is at your back. So
usually the strategy is to serve a ball hard and deep with the wind. Learning to
serve with the wind at your back isn’t nearly as important as learning to serve
when you’re serving into the wind. A lot of people don’t like it when it’s windy.
Most don’t like the wind and they don’t know how to use it. Just like everything
else, using the wind is a skill. To be good in
the wind, you have to have a plan for how you’re gonna use a wind and you’re gonna
have to be able to recognize these situations. Here are some of the things
you need to know when it comes to playing in the wind. When serving into
the wind, be sure to put topspin on the ball so the wind will push the ball down.
When serving a floater into the wind, the ball could be pushed up or down or side
to side. Therefore, it can be tougher to control floaters and it could be tougher
to keep them in the court. It’s usually tougher to pass a ball that is served into
the wind. Passing a ball that has been served into the wind is much tougher to
pass than a ball that is served with wind. Have you ever missed a served and
blamed it on the wind. This is because you didn’t know how to use the wind. With
practice, you can become better at using the wind to your advantage. You’re going
to become better at predicting what the wind is going to do to the ball. Most
people don’t know how to use the wind to their advantage. This is a big problem.
Most prefer to serve with the wind at their back and really don’t like serving
into the wind but actually it can be a lot easier to serve into the wind. If you
understand the wind and understand how to use the wind then you can use the
wind to help control the ball. Often players struggle serving the ball over
the net when they’re serving it into the wind because the wind pushes the ball
down. The key here is to be able to recognize this situation. Here are some
things to think about when serving into the wind. Serve a ball harder higher and
deeper. If the wind is blowing cross-court, then serve it cross-court
into the wind. If you try serving with the crosswind instead of against it, the
ball to be pushed out of bounds. This is why serving the ball down the line in a
crosswind is risky. Here are a couple tips for hitting into the wind. Okay. For
when attacking at the net, hitting at the net, hitting into the wind you want to
hit the ball harder and deeper. If you hit the ball high hard and deep the ball
will very likely drop in and it’ll be harder to pass. It’s very tough to hit
this ball out of bounce into the wind. Also, hitting short into the wind is a
risky shot. There’s a very good chance the ball will be push down and won’t cross the
net. I personally like to play in the wind because I know how to serve and hit
when it’s windy. It’s also tougher to pass when it’s windy but if you’re
familiar with the wind and you know how to use it and you know what the wind
does to the ball then you’re not gonna have as much trouble passing as most
everybody else is. For passing, it’s important to learn the footwork for
moving back deep to pass a deep ball. This will make passing a lot easier. When
you become good at moving deep to pass the deep serve it’ll be a lot easier
to pass in the wind. Now if you’re interested in more tips on how you can
use the wind to get an advantage, watch my video on anticipation. The link to
watch it is in the description below and also in the cards in this video. If
you’re struggling when it’s windy and you have a question about playing in the
wind, please comment below with a followup question. If you like this video please
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David Frank



  1. Dennis Jackson Posted on July 25, 2019 at 6:30 pm

    Thanks so much for watching! Let me know which of these tips for playing in the wind you're going to start implementing right away.