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How to Play Women’s Lacrosse : Lines on the Field in Women’s Lacrosse

Alright this is a diagram of the women’s lacrosse
field and it can be found on the US Lacrosse website online. Different boundaries are marked
here. You are going to have the dash boundary and that signifies what area is in play for
the game. You have two restraining lines on the field. You have a center circle, where
you do the draw. And you have two different arcs around each goal. The inner one is a
12 meter arc and that’s where, the hashes is where you take penalty shots from and this
is just a second arc that kind of makes this the critical shooting area of the offense.
You have a crease around the goal and that’s this circle and no part of, only the goalie
aloud to be in the circle. No part of any player’s stick or body can enter the circle
or else that’s a penalty.

David Frank



  1. InsideCenterDani Posted on April 9, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    This is not an accurate video. There are now solid boundary lines, and when she talks about the arcs around the goals the inner one is the 8 meter, and the outer arc is the 12 meter. The goal crease rule has also been changed to allow a follow through of a player's stick. Bad, inaccurate video.