March 28, 2020
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How to Play Women’s Lacrosse : One-Handed Cradles in Women’s Lacrosse

Alright another special way that you can learn
how to cradle is the one-handed cradle. A lot of offensive players like this because
they feel like they have more freedom to run and move through different defenders. But
basically, you want to grab your stick firmly, don’t let go, and you’re just going to do
the top hand of the basic cradle with no bottom hand. When you do this, you just want to be
careful though that you don’t want to use your other hand to push people away which,
it just comes naturally, you start pushing. It’s illegal to ward off like that and you’ll
get called for that. But if you can keep your other hand either running or down by your
side and move, it’s a great cradle and it’s got a lot more mobility to it. You definitely
want to be able to learn how to do both hands and learn how to switch hands while you do
it. Switching hands, whenever you’re cradling, you kind of want to cross your body, protect
with your body as you switch hands, like this. So, you just have a little bit more control
over the ball and also you’re protecting your stick as you maybe don’t have as firm of a
grip on it so players can’t hit it out of your hand.

David Frank