April 3, 2020
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Hi, my name is Bob Jaffe. I’m the Director
of Coaching at Dulwich Squash Club in London. I’m going to talk to you about the equipment
you’re going to need, the etiquette you’re going to use on court and the sort of shots
you’re going to need to play and how you’re going to play them. The only consistent product that I have used
over thirty years of playing squash has been Dunlop balls and I advise anybody who is looking
to take up squash that the Dunlop ball is the only one to go for. This is the max ball.
This is for a beginner, it’s easy to play with, it bounces nice and high and allows
the beginner to develop their accuracy and technique. Next one down for the improver player is the
progress ball. This is not quite as big as the max ball and also has good bouncing qualities
and makes it easier for players to play with and extends the length of the rallies. Down
from there again we have the yellow dot ball or pro ball. This is for players who have reached a reasonable
standard of play. And finally, on to the match ball, which is the pro ball, which is the
double yellow dot ball and this is used in all match competitions. .

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