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How To Shrink The Tennis Court Like The Pros

– Hey guys, Nate Scott
here with and today we’re going to talk
about shrinking the court by cutting off the corners like the pros. (swooshing) – All right guys, today
we’re going to show you how to shrink the court like the pros. This video is for players
with a PlayYourCourt rating of 60 and up. If you’re not in our community, definitely click the
button on the link below and check it out. But just in case you’re
not already in there, a PlayYourCourt 60 is the
equivalent of about a USTA 3.5. So USTA 3.5’s and up today. – All right, cutting the
corners off like the pros. So guys, what we’re talking about here is shrinking the court where you’re
not covering as much court. So this is the concept. – It’s great for big, fat guys like me that don’t want to run as much. So if you’re slightly overweight
and really out of shape, this video is for you and me.
(laughs) Carry on.
– The key though, is that you’re going to
have solid fundamentals in order to execute this, okay? So, like, with this skill
level, it’s really important that your fundamentals are solid because there’s going to be
variation on how you hit the ball. The follow-through is going
to be a little bit different, and the contact is going to be much more on the side of the ball. We’re going to talk about
that in just a moment. But let’s go back to
what we’re talking about with shrinking the court. When we shrink the court,
what we’re looking to do is to move forward in the court so that we’re covering less court. By doing this, we also take
time away from our opponent. Now, the opposite of that is
when we start moving backwards, we’re growing the court. And that becomes problematic because we’re covering more court. Short angles become
available for our opponent. But by moving in, these
shots become really difficult for our opponent to execute. All right, so today with
this cutting off the corners, we’re going to talk about this. We’re going to do two progressions. The first demo is going to be something that you can do by yourself. You don’t need a partner. It’s something that you can just practice. You might need a handful of balls though, because you are going to
want some repetitions. And then the second is
just getting some buddies, and really defining a
border where you’re moving to track this ball. But let’s jump into the first demo now. – Let’s get it. All right guys, so what
we’re talking about with this cutting off the corners is, as I move into the court, I’m looking to take the ball on the rise. And by doing so, I’m cutting off the back
portion of this court, shapes like a triangle. This is the part of the
court that I’m cutting off. By doing so, it’s going
to give me the ability to really work on the outside of the ball and create a really strong
angle off the court. Okay, taking the time
away from my opponent, getting them off the court, and making me a much bigger
threat playing offense. Now, I don’t have to go cross-court. We have the cross-court cones set up for this demonstration. I could certainly go down the line and follow it in. Both really good options on offense. So the first progression, what we’re going to do
is just kind of work through the footwork, and what this should feel like. As I’m moving in, I’m still trying to find my outside foot behind the ball, all right? And once we get kind of a feeling of where the hips align with the court, and what the rotation is, we’re going to practice what
the swing should feel like. And it’s not going to be
your traditional low to high. So that’s why we’re talking about the fundamentals being different. Like, they really need to be sound in order to feel comfortable. ‘Cause there is going to
be a variation to this. You’re going to deviate from
your normal fundamentals. You’re going to focus on working more on the outside of the ball. And you’re going to swing
more across the body, as opposed to the traditional low to high above the shoulder. And so once we start
feeling fairly confident with what our rotation is, we can really get a mental picture of what this is going to look like. We’re going to go ahead, and we’re going to drop a couple balls. Again, we’re going to
work out to the target. All right, I got a little lucky here. All right, but I’ll run through these and try to get that ball
working off the court on that angle, okay. And once we start feeling what that motion on the outside of the
ball, across the body, what that should feel like, then we’ll jump into some live play. All right, and I love drilling this. Scott and I, working this quite a bit. But what we’re going
to do now is basically set up cross-court on the deuce court. And we’re just going to
set up targets and rally, working on these angles, okay? Because if we can’t do it in practice, we certainly can’t do it in a match. So practice is everything. All right, let’s go ahead
and jump into that demo. We’ll take a look at that now. All right guys, so what
you’re going to see is, in this first one, this wide feed. And Scott and I are going
to work on that recovery. But work on that wide ball, cutting off the angle. – [Scott] Nope. – Oh, I was all over it. Oh, swear words. Somebody’s not recovering. Come on, come on, come on! Oh, I sunk your battleship with the assist from the net. All right, round two, Scotty B. (laughs) It’s just that easy. You want to try it one more time? (laughing) – [Scott] Just hurt my feelings. Come on, cone. (grunting) Come on, cone. (grunting) Cone. (grunting) – [Scott] Why are you so angry? – Ooh, went deep.
– Well, that was pretty short. – My bad. Come on! I’m all over it. Ah! – [Scott] I thought you had it. – Oh look, is that a two-for-one? – [Scott] I don’t want to play anymore. – Well, I came here to have fun, and that wasn’t any fun at all. – You’re not very good. – No, apparently not.
– That’s what it meant. Nah. You know what, I would say
that maybe it has a little bit to do with the grips. Some Western versus Eastern, the ability to get a little
bit more spin up and down. I know that’s not your
favorite shot either. – Yeah, like you being able to hit that little, loopy, sissy out forehand is way more important than the winners. And able to run up the line.
– Really rude. So, guys, that cutting off the corners it’s just really important. But it is, it’s difficult. It’s a little bit more high level. So important that you
have your fundamentals. But you’re just really focused
on what the movement is and getting that outside
leg behind the ball. And really working on
the outside of the ball, and abbreviating that windshield
wiper across the body, not worrying about that
high follow through. But, definitely get out
there just like we did and work through targets. It’s actually a fun little game. – Yup.
– But, what happens is, once you start feeling
like you have the shot, you have a lot more confidence pulling, going for that shot in match play. All right, so if you think
it’s just going to happen in match play, it just doesn’t work that way. We need lots and lots of reps. But by being able to move forward, cutting off the corners, you shrink your court, and you take timing
away from your opponent, and those are all good things, right? – Yeah, it’s definitely something
we want to see you guys do. And as always, we just want
to see you improve your game. Which is why Nate and I built
the PlayYourCourt community, where, for only $5 a month– – Man you’re selling it.
– We give you everything you need to improve your tennis game. All jokes aside, guys, seriously. If you want to improve your tennis game, click the button at the link below. The product is $5 a month. We give you video instruction. We introduce you to players in your area for practice, for matches. There’s a league component. We’re a huge tennis company. We have partners with brands like Tennis Express, Wilson. We hook you up with deals and discounts left and right. Five bucks a month. Seriously, click the link below. Check it out. I promise you won’t regret it. Talk to you guys soon.

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    Don't forget to check out the PlayYourCourt community to receive custom video coaching, find practice partners and improve your tennis game. Here's the link:

  2. Jeffrey Look Posted on October 4, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    What about continental grip? The new "middle" is part of what you mean as shrinking the court?

  3. Jack Quinn Posted on October 10, 2019 at 11:44 am

    Scott*s problem is not the grip per se but his lacking physique. The movement and footwork are non-existent and the swing too sloppy.