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How To Speak To Referees & Officials – San Pedro JV Football Vlog 2017

Hi everybody from Coach Dom Costa just
another quick one before today’s Clips I talked to the kids yesterday that as we
enter these games we’re gonna have a lot of officials and I spoke to them about
how to speak to the official and it is don’t speak to the official except thank
you and hand them the ball every time do not ever utter any word that could be
misconstrued as one that you don’t say in any movie that’s not g-rated
it can’t rhyme with help heck Deck its bits ux Lux chiggers liggers Tigger
nothing nothing do not utter anything no attitude no problem if we get refs that
are calling penalties repeatedly on us us coaches may bark and say something but
we will stop after one play and we will move on to the next play we will guide
the children by our example as adults and we will move forward and the best
way to beat officials that are kind of tripping is just to continue to focus
and play, hand them the ball celebrate your touchdowns after you score them run back
to your teammates on the sidelines do all of your jumping over there don’t get
a penalty for excessive celebration and for any bad calls or pokes in the eye
just get that guy’s number and we’ll try to figure out how to play a little
harder against that person that’s being mean to you that’s basically it so we’re
not gonna yell talk to the officials except thank you sir and that’s my
little bit of knowledge today so parents relatives please share that with your
young ones how to talk to the officials that’s gonna be huge this week and the
rest of the season nothing but thank you sir and hand them the ball have a great
day check out and enjoy these clips like share subscribe comment and punch
that thumbs up button have a great day thank you!

David Frank



  1. ignacio marez Posted on August 25, 2017 at 5:18 am

    Coach Dom you are doing a great job in coaching and mentoring this group of young men. I'm grateful you record these videos and put them out on you tube. Thank you Sir.