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How to Spike a Volleyball | Volleyball Lessons

The way that you hit or spike a beach volleyball,
it starts with your approach. If you’re right handed, you do a left-right-left
approach. Your first step guides you towards the ball,
and then you plant and explode upwards with your last two steps. As you’re jumping, you bring your arms up,
you have the guiding hand in front, and you’re hitting hand behind it. Your torso is slightly twisted. You want to hit at the highest point of contact
in front of you. If you stay behind the ball instead of running
underneath the ball, that allows you to see the court in front of you and see the defense
that you’re trying to hit around. There are different kinds of hits. You can have a full swing, you can poke the
ball, you can roll-shot the ball. You can hit anywhere from 50 to 100 percent
speed. The important part about hitting, though,
is placing the ball where your opponent is not. There are different areas that you can hit. You can hit straight in front of you, facing
the line, you can hit across your body, angled. You can hit away from your body. You can hit short. You can hit deep. You can hit high, and hit low. That’s how you hit or spike in beach volleyball.

David Frank