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How to Treat Tennis Elbow with 3 Effective Exercises

you know what’s up it’s coach E here from
precision movement and today we’re gonna talk about three exercises to do if
you’ve got tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis tennis elbow is when you
have pain in this lateral epicondyle area of the elbow joint okay
this is the humerus the upper arm bone is the humerus the lateral aspect of
that bone is called the lateral epicondyle
now tennis elbow often occurs when you’re playing tennis because of all the
different forces and positions of the wrist and the elbow so if you’re
wondering if you do have tennis elbow make sure you check the video that’s
going to pop up here on YouTube to test if you’ve actually got the problem in
the first place okay but if you know you’ve got the problem then what do we
have to do okay so if it’s an acute problem you might want to rest let’s say
you’re playing tennis you’ve never felt before in the next day you’re like oh
that lateral epicondyle area hurts a little bit in that case you just want to
take some rests okay you want to ice it down chill out for 24-48 hours maybe 72
hours if it’s really intense but after that you should gradually get back to
your normal daily life and playing tennis okay but let’s say you’re in a
tournament a lot of five-set epic matches 7:6 tiebreaks all the time then
you’re gonna want to deal with it properly because you might get into
chronic pain if you’ve had it for four weeks or longer and chronic pain needs a
different treatment approach okay and what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to
bring blood flow to the area to restore tissue quality of the tendon we’ve got
to strengthen the muscles again because they’ve probably degenerated and
atrophied because when they’re sore all the time the body shuts them off and
stops using them so then they get weaker and then when you try to come back to
tennis or whatever sport you’re playing you’re gonna get injured and you’re
gonna get and you’re gonna feel pain a lot quicker than before okay so
we’ve got to do is roof also got to restore mobility to the wrist in the
elbow joint so I’m gonna share three exercises with you now the first is the
active wrist extension mobilization and I recommend this to anybody who’s got
pain in the elbows especially if that pain involves any kind of gripping so if
you’re a lifter overhead presses you got pain in the elbows I’ll do this exercise
will recommend this technique okay what it’s going to do is going to restore
strength balance and mobility to the wrist joint
so what you want to do is get in the four point position I’m going to start
with the left hand here we’re into the left hand sit back on your heels and
keeping the elbow completely locked out you’re going to extend the wrist okay
and flare the finger so flaring the fingers is extension and abduction of
the fingers okay you’re going to hold that position maintain the contraction
all through the muscles as you come forward and go into a passive
mobilization so that’s passive range right there and I come back and the
minute I can lift my fingers off that’s my active range of motion okay and
you’re going to do this maintain that contraction
mobilize a little bit in the passive not too aggressively and then try to lift
the fingers up off the floor as quickly as possible now you’re going to do
anywhere from four to six repetitions there okay the reason why we want to do
this actively instead of just passively instead of just getting on the floor and
then rocking over it okay and relaxing this is because when we do this we’re
building strength in that range of motion
okay we’re activating the muscles and we’re just going into a little bit of
passive to get a little bit of extra range but predominantly we’re working
active range of motion okay active range of motion I like to call it range of
control because that’s the range that you can actively control with your own
muscular effort okay it’s different than pulling it like this the problem with
that is if you’re doing too much static or passive stretching and your range of
motion increases but you’re not simultaneously increasing your range of
control you’ve got a deficit there where you have no active
strengths but you’ve got that flexibility so what happens is if you do
that you’ll just tighten up again you know neuromuscular system will just
tighten those muscles up again so it’ll be kind of like a waste of time by
stretching all the time and number two if you do have a big gap in between
range of motion and range of control that’s that gap is your injury risk
because that’s where you don’t have joint stability and that’s where you
don’t have muscular protection so you just got into ligaments and when
ligaments get injured it takes a long time to heal okay so that’s why we’re
doing the technique like we like I showed it to you here and this is from a
course that I have called upper limb control we’re gonna talk about that at
the end a little bit here now the next technique is an eccentric dumbbell wrist
extension so what this is going to do it’s going to bring a lot of blood flow
to the area because we’re working those extensor muscles but the eccentric is
going to ensure we can get full range of motion okay because we’re going to help
ourselves into the top the full range of motion and then it’s going to cause that
muscle damage that’s going to stimulate muscle growth hypertrophy it’s a
restoring strength and through that full range of control okay
so here’s how you do it support your forearm on a bench or a table, grab a light
dumbbell you might have to start at two pounds up to five pounds if you’ve got
this pain you help yourself get into full wrist extension okay and then you
lower it down really slowly take about four to five seconds six
seconds to lower it all the way down to full flexion okay you help yourself up
all the way hold it and then slowly lower it down okay so you’re going to do
three sets of 12 reps of that on the affected side and you’re gonna do that
on a daily basis now you might feel pain when you do this but if you’ve got the
chronic version of tennis elbow which is tennis elbow for four weeks or longer
then that’s totally normal you’re expected to feel some pain in
that area and as you do it after the first week or two that pain is going to
be gone alright so the other thing with the eccentric when you’re up there gotta
make sure you’re holding out with a strong grip so you help it up
make sure you got a strong grip on that dumbbell and then lower it down under
control it’s a full flexion okay don’t just stop it halfway but
lower it all the way you might have to fire up the flexors to get it to that
full range as well okay so that’s the dumbbell eccentric extension wrist
extension the final technique the third technique is the extended flare – flexed
fist so what this is is a unique technique extended flare so this is
finger flare all right abduction and extension so flexed flare is when you
flex the wrist and you flare the fingers like that yeah from here you want to
hold that you want to maintain extension and flare and abduction while flexing
constantly so I’m firing up the flexors of the wrist which are down in this area
so I hold that for five seconds then I slowly make a fist and go into wrist
extension okay and I hold that a strong fist and strong wrist extension for five
seconds then go back down to flare flexed flare hold for five it’s active
I’m working the whole time and then extended fist I’m holding that strong
grip actively contracting and squeezing as I’m actively extending the wrist okay
and this technique is going to restore full range of control again not just
range of motion not just stretching my wrist but it’s full range of control
that’s going to allow you to grip things while you’re doing the different type of
wrist movements flexion and extension okay that’s very common in tennis serves
whipping it around flexing it while you’re holding onto the racket so it
doesn’t go fly okay so these three techniques could get you
completely out of pain from lateral epicondylitis aka tennis elbow however
if you’ve got tennis elbow this might just be a symptom of dysfunctions
elsewhere that you’ve got to fix up otherwise they’re going to move up the
kinetic chain okay you might have pain here in tennis elbow but that might move
to the shoulder next or if you might already be suffering from shoulder pain
okay this is why I’ve designed the course called upper limb control it’s to
restore full function of the wrists the hands of fingers and the elbow okay
because if we’re not restoring full function which includes mobility and
strength and working all of the muscles there’s a lot of different muscles in
this area then you’re just waiting for an injury to happen somewhere else
change you might fix it temporarily here but it’s going to move somewhere else
because our body’s going to compensate for the dysfunction in some other way
okay so I’ve got a presentation where I break down kind of that details the
science behind these compensations and how problems can kind of manifest in
different areas of the body that you can watch at the link at the end of this
video so check that out let’s make sure that your body is in good shape so you
can continue to do the things that you love and do them better all right thanks
for watching I’ll see you there peace

David Frank



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