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Husker Volleyball: Rolfzen Twins – an NET Sports Feature

Narrator: A pair of
sisters has fans and opponents seeing “double trouble”
on the volleyball court. And while the Rolfzen twins might be new faces to the
Big Ten foes, Nebraska fans have seen
them for years. Larry: “Right down the
middle comes the Freshman! There’s your first look
at Amber Rolfzen – the 6’2″ Freshman outside
hitter already commited to attend the University
of Nebraska.” Kadie Rolfzen: We
grew up in Nebraska. Every girl in Nebraska
plays volleyball – dreams of coming to Nebraska. They want to be a Husker. They want to play in front
of the sea of red, so I think as soon as the
opportunity came, we knew like we weren’t
gonna give it up. We knew right then and there. There’s no way, like
why do we need to wait? Narrator: And the twins
remember as 8th graders making the call to
Coach Cook becoming the youngest
volleyball players to commit in Husker history. Kadie: I don’t know why I
know this date but it was June 9th of 2009. It was a week or so after
camp and Amber and I were the whole time we were
like okay, we want to go to Nebraska
and we were telling our parents like Mom and Dad, like we want
to go to Nebraska and they’re always like
no, you should wait. Like, you’re
an 8th grader. You’re gonna be a
Freshman in high-school. And so they’re finally
like okay, are you sure you want
to do that? Amber actually called him
first and we were sitting in our parents’
bedroom actually. Amber Rolfzen: My mom
had it written down. She goes, if you need
help on what to say, there’s stuff you
need to say to him Kadie: We were like what? 14? And so Amber called him
and then I got on the phone with him and we just kind of
said we want to be Huskers. Narrator: Even though
Coach Cook has known the twins since middle school,
there is still some confusion… Amber: Do NOT listen to
him when he says he can tell us apart
because he can’t. He’s like Kadie/Amber,
which one are you? Where’s Kadie? Kelly: We’ll be in a
meeting and he’s like, right Kadie? Kadie: And I’ll be
like, I’m over here. (Laughter) Narration: Kadie and
Amber’s early playing days started with another
recognizable Nebraska coach. Amber: Oh I got this. She comes off like being
really tough and really serious. So that’s why a lot of
people kind of like fear – not fear her, but kind
of are scared of her. But after a week or so,
you’ll realize she’s kind of really sincere. She really wants
to get to know you. She’ll always be
there for you. She’s a tough
volleyball coach, wants to make you
better every single day. Kadie: She’s just – – she’s probably the best
coach I’ve ever had. Narration: Coach Gwen
Egbert set the twins on track for a great career and Coach John Cook is
seeing the results. John Cook: Yeah, I
think they have as much expectations on them as
any recruits we’ve had come into
this program. And, they do have a lot
of undue and probably unfair pressure on
them and expectations. And my job is to
manage that with them. Narrator: And Kadie and
Amber are more certain than ever of that big decision
they made years ago as 8th graders.

David Frank



  1. Thiago Sebba Posted on October 22, 2014 at 6:54 am

    a Amber e Kadie sao identicas meu deus… mais eu consegui diferencia-las nas caracteristicas fisicas, a Amber e mais franzina e baixa, e a Kadie e mais encorpada e forte, tanto q na ultima cena delas juntas fica bem evidente a diferença fisica das duas, cada uma com um estilo corporal bem diferente a Kadie 6 e a Amber 5…