March 31, 2020
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IHSA football officials take part in third annual live-action clinic at Belvidere High School

MORE THAN 20 ILLINOIS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL OFFICIALS CAME OUT FOR THE THIRD ANNUAL CLINIC WITH BELVIDERE HIGH SCHOOL. OFFICIALS AND PLAYERS GET A CHANCE TO TEST OUT THEIR SKILLS BEFORE THE REAL THING THIS SEASON. ON TOP OF WORKING IN THE CLASSROOM, THIS ADDS ANOTHER WAY FOR THE OFFICIALS TO GET COMFORTABLE. ((BILL EVINK, CLINICIAN FOR IHSA FOOTBALL OFFICIALS)) “Probably the biggest benefit for the officials is they have a learning environment where there’s no pressure. They get their timing, the speed, their focus is all happening when there’s no pressure. There’s not a game going on. For the players, they’re getting to see officials on a field who aren’t in an intense situation and it really opens up a lot of lines of communication between players and officials and coaches.” OFFICIALS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND AT LEAST ONE CLINIC EVERY THREE YEARS IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. BELVIDERE HEAD COACH DARIN WECKER CAME UP WITH THE IDEA THREE YEARS AGO, WHEN HE SAW IT DONE IN TEXAS. FINALLY, THE BMW CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT CONTINUED IN MEDINAH, ILLINOIS. 1. FROM THE 4TH FAIRWAY, TONY FEE- NOW’S SECOND SHOT

David Frank