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Is it Bad to Have a Double Chin?

Is it bad to have a double chin? I’ve heard of extra rolls of fat on the
stomach being called love handles, but no one has ever called a double chin something
cute like double smiles or lovable laughs. Just because it doesn’t have a cute nickname
doesn’t mean it is bad for you, like dimples being smile dots. I never heard of that one. Look, unless you
are so old that your skin is sagging, you don’t get a double chin unless you are significantly
overweight. Big boned. They’ve taken X-rays of thin people and
fat people, and there is no difference in their bones except for the height of most
of them. The main difference is weight. Or width. Same difference. How do you get rid of a double chin? Theoretically, working the platysma muscle
in the neck will reduce it. However, since the primary cause is obesity, the best solution
is weight loss. I’ve heard that it can be driven by water
retention. You might be retaining more water around the
neck, but it isn’t like a camel’s hump. And if you think a major double chin is from
water retention, your ankles should be the size of cantaloupe. Fine, then, how can I hide it? For women, I’d say get a long bob or medium
length hair, because long hair and chin length hair make it look worse. For guys, one option
is growing a beard. What do you think of neck rolls and chin lifts?
Or doing chin presses with a tennis ball? It won’t hurt, but it won’t make up for
losing 50 pounds. Well, it might hurt if you really mess up with the tennis ball somehow. This isn’t like racquetball, where it could
hit you at 50 miles per hour. Theoretically, chewing gum will build up your
jaw muscles, reducing the double chin. Though it needs to be sugar free gum or the calories
you consume will offset any muscle toning. That’s odd. They’ve never advertised sugar
free gum as a way to lose the double chin, but they ought to.

David Frank



  1. Frogboy Posted on August 3, 2014 at 10:56 am

    What is this shit!?

  2. That_Casual_Person Posted on July 31, 2018 at 7:13 am

    I swear to fucking god these kinds of videos are just meant to fat shame people