April 4, 2020
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Kate Busswitz mic’d up, UNI Volleyball camp

The UNI Volleyball team is undefeated to open Missouri Valley Conference play and sitting in first place with a 5 and 0 record. Middle Hitter Kate Busswitz is averaging 2.83 kills per set, firing a strong 243 attack percentage, and ranks 2nd on the team in blocks. This Summer we mic’d up this Junior from Cedar Rapids as she shared her volleyball knowledge with a younger generation at Panther Volleyball camp. Hands on our hips. Finger on our lip. Do you guys do that still at school? No. Ok. I’m kidding. Ok. We are going to move on and do more of a passing progression so everyone know what passing is? No. Show me what ready position is. Now show me your hands. So you want to rock, paper, no scissors. Wrap it together. I shouldn’t be able to push your arms down alright? Should be super strong. Oh yeah. We are ready. Oh! Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. You guys are super strong. Can anyone show me what a serving hand should look like? The hand. With your serving hand I want you to hit the ball. I want you to hit that ball as hard as you can. Make that face. Hear this! Oh my gosh but you have to do the face for it to be harder though. She had a good face. Keep smacking it. Your hand should be red. Not punching it. We are hitting it. Go to that far wall. Run, run, run. Got it. Go at it. Go nuts. You can’t hurt the wall. Here I have another challenge. Who wants it? Who wants the challenge? Me! Ok, stay where you are but this time you want to do a demo group? Ok roll the ball over here the person in the middle. You are going to be my roller, you are going to be my demo. You are going to roll the ball. Here I will demo it with my long legs. Alright you are going to roll the ball and you are going to stop it with your butt. Oh my gosh that is so funny so you have to stop the ball with your butt. Do you think you guys can do it? You think you can do it all serious or are you going to be giggling the whole time? Alright, let’s see it. Squat. Squat. Squat sit on it! You have to be quicker than that! We are booty stopping. Oh yeah, she is a good booty stopper. This is my giggle group over here isn’t it. You guys haven’t gotten anything done you are just giggling the entire time. She is just giggling through her missing teeth – right through the hole in her mouth. That is the end. 3 people find 3 people give them a high five and tell them good job. Nobody wants to tell me good job? Good job. Anybody? Leaving me hanging here. Good job. Even higher. Nice! Nice! Come on! Nice! The Panther Volleyball team hosts Illinois State at 5pm on October 12th and in-state rival Drake at 6pm on October 18th. Come on out and support Kate and her teammates as they look to defend their conference title. We switch gears now and get an update on the women’s soccer program with head coach Bruce Erickson. It was announced this week the UNI women’s soccer program received the United Soccer Coaches Team Academic Award for finishing the year with a cumulative GPA of 3.38. On the field the Panthers are searching for their first conference win as they host Indiana State October 12th. Well I think we need to come out and get off to a good start. Scoring first and scoring early your opportunity to win is much more significant when you score first. And I think our record when scoring first has been pretty good. So we need to get 3 points that is how we are approaching it all week and we need to be better at home then we were in our last home game. Every game now is its own championship so we can’t look beyond Saturday because the following week is where we add a 2nd game and play a mid-week game so you want to get a good win on the weekend and prepare for 2 tough ones after that. The final regular season home game is October 26th against Evansville. Still to come on this edition of Panther Sports Talk…we recap the MVC Individual Tennis Championships, bring you a story on a big-time defensive player for the football team, and we preview the top 10 road matchup with Coach Farley. This is Panther Sports Talk!

David Frank